Did anyone else experience a seizure when their aneurysm ruptured? Please share your stories...

Hi Jennifer, I don’t recall but am told that I has two seizures when my rupture occurred in the grocery store then another I think when I was in the CT scan. That was June 2007. I have not had another since. They did have me on Keppra for about 6 months after. Did you have a seizure with your rupture?

My soninlaw had 2 seizures after his aneurysm ruptured. Thank
God we are 10 days since his surgery and hasn't had any more seizures. He is responding to the nurses commands and when he was brought out of the medically induced coma, he opened his eyes and looked right at my daughter and was trying to communicate with his facial expressions. His eyebrows furled up as if to say "what happened" and he has mitts on his hands because he was trying to take his tube out of his mouth. He raised both arms and was sticking out the mitts like what r these? Even though he has a long way to go I thank God for these positive signs. He is having vasospasms for which he goes to angio every am to check on these. He also is running a slight fever which I understand is common after an aneurysm. I will keep u in my prayers.

wow that is scary! I had a seizure at my boyfriends house, one minute we were talking the next minute i woke up on my back and he was on the phone with 911. very scary, i think i scared the (excuse me) crap, out of him! i couldnt move or walk when i woke up but he kept me calm until the paramedics came. he saved my life :)