Did anyone lose their hearing after surgery?

Just had a crainitomy 2 weeks ago and still can’t hear out of one ear…Is this normal?

Jennifer I didn't loose my hearing , but EVERYONE had a high squeaky sounding voice for about a month or so after the rupture then it slowly went away so it just may take time. Now I have loud constant ringing in my ears which sometimes drives me batty......but if that is the worst I have I'll deal with it :) Actually there is an ENT specialist that suposedly deals with tintinitis in Cincinnati that I'm looking into right now as long as it dosen't involve surgery.......

Hi Jennifer...I could hear out of my ear...but had swelling and pressure that took almost 2 months to go down...it hurt alot...make sure your Doc's know that you can't hear out of one ear...but I am sure this will take sometime...

Hang in there sweetie...I know this journey isn't easy...Cyber ~ Hugs Colleen

Jennifer, welcome

I have what is termed sensorineural hearing loss in both L /R, w/tinnitus only in L. Ask your neurosurgeon about it and for a referral to a neuro-oph... and, if your craniotomy was in the area of the vestibulocochlear nerve (CN VIII) ... the auditory nerve.

If you've not already done it, search cranial nerves on the 'net... .

www.britannica.com/bps/media-view/46720/0/1/0 has a drawing of the brain/nerves that is pretty clear on the anatomy....Many other great sites w/lots of info ... Our hearing somehow relates to our balance... to work around memory loss, I pinned some pages to my den cabinets...

Please do not delay in asking your neuros...

I had a craniotomy 6 weeks ago. I didn't lose any hearing but my inner ear pained and I also had ringing in my ears. Background noise drove me right around the bend but that is improving now. I would call your surgeon due to the lack of hearing though.

Other than that, how are you doing and feeling Jennifer?