Did anyone find their annie then get tested for MS?

Having a lumbar puncture Monday to see if maybe my symptoms are due to MS. Wondering if anyone else out there found their aneurysm on the way to a diagnosis of MS...

Hi Shari...I didn't find my annie's on the way to getting tested for MS...however, now after finding and being coiled ... there has been talk from my neurologist about MS...due to some of my symptoms...

Good luck to you on Monday...keep us posted...and I will keep you in my prayers ~ Colleen

I'm having a spinal tap on the 6th and they are looking for MS, as well as any autoimmune problem.

My neuro was checking me for MS and that is when the ani showed up so moving forward with further checking was put on hold till ani was repaired. Still post op healing so no further testing yet. Best wishes for you on Monday. Jeanne

Hi Shari, I was actually having an MRI to test for MS when they found out that I had the anneurysm. I do have some lesions on the brain and demyelination of the nerve endings (which are signs I may have MS) but after finding the anni, prompt surgery to clip that seems to be the immediate concern. If all goes well with that, then they will look further into the possibility of MS diagnosis which will probably just be another MRI in 12 months time (which I'll be having for anni follow-up anyway). Maybe some of the symptoms are similar, depending on which part of the brain the anni is and if it is pressing against certain areas too. Lets just hope my symptoms were actually due to the anni and that I won't have to go through MS as well (maybe I've been a really bad person in a previous life!!!). Good luck with your lumbar puncture, keep us posted, KK.

Best wishes that it goes smoothly, Sharon! Mine was a few days ago. It's no picnic, but it wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be in terms of the pain of the procedure itself.

Seems my experience is not unusual. I like that! Understand wondering if we are somehow deserving of this craziness... The LP went ok... now the wait for the results plus seeing the NS on the 10th for the pre-coil consult. Craziness!!!!!

They did my spinal tap yesterday. No sigh of ms. How did you turn out?

No MS. Coil w stent done Monday. Home and feeling well.

Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear your good news. I've now got to wait until I see my neurosurgeon on 15th February to book in the final date for my surgery. Is the spinal tap the definitive test for MS? KK.

Can be. Nothing really definitive for MS but 95% of MS have certain protein markers in CSF.Good luck to you and thanks for your well wishes!

Glad things went well, Shari! =) Rest, rest and more rest!