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Diagnosed with ACA Aneurysm at A1

Hello, I had an MRI one week ago for my migraines and they found a small aneurysm at the anterior communicating artery says length of 2mm. This was just sent to me I haven’t met with the new neurologist and he is sending me to a cerebral vascular specialist that I see on Dec 5. I am 45 years old, married mom of 3 kids ages 13, 10 and 5 and my mom died at age 50 of a brain aneurysm. The nurse I spoke with was trying to make me feel better by saying it’s small and that if doctors were concerned I would be in sooner rather than later. Feel scared and wish I could see specialist now. Reading a lot, can I still have coffee? I’m scared if another migraine happens. Do I keep taking medications?


Hi! I drink coffee, but not every day and weak one like one shot americano , but I do drink tea … no alchogol .
It’s hard period of adjusting the diagnosis . Your aneurysm is very small , I think they will just monitor it , but after more tests .perhaps CT or angiogram , to see the full picture .
The fear little by little will decrease . So far just take care of yourself , no heavy lifting ,careful with alcholgol , more positive impressions and emotions …


Thank you, that’s funny since that is my drink now used to be two shots now a one shot americano. I only drank occasionally and stopped awhile ago before the DX because even a little wine just made me feel so awful. I will hopefully have some relief after I can finally talk to the doctor. Feel like throwing this DX at me in an email and haven’t met with anyone was pretty bold. Thanks for your response.

Dec 5 is very soon , of course it’s stressful from one side , from another side meeting doctors will be helpful because it brings more clearity about the scenario .

I have had migraines and strange episodes with nausea and vomiting , first I have checked the digestive system , then after the tinutitus started , I have been sent to MRI , which showed the aneurysm . It’s a little bigger then yours , it’s on the watch . Please keep us updated with the results of your appointment . It’s all very disappointing at first , but later you realize that you are very lucky to discover it early . Since it’s discovered it will be taken care of .
Regarding medications , depends which one … of course the best will be to consult with doctors , I take aspirin daily , propanolol for preventing migraines ( on daily basis ) Tylenol , ibuprofen , neproxen if needed for pain . Just need to be careful with any meds that influence the vessels arteries …

scurtis, Welcome! instead of fretting, take a breath. For me, I ruptured. So not in the same boat as you. But we are both paddling in the same direction. When someone ruptures, there’s a two year wait. That two years starts over again if the doctor has to go in and fix it. I’ve had three coilings for one aneurysm since 2013. I didn’t think I’d ever get to the end of the two years. But I’m doing it.

I drink coffee and hot tea. At night I drink an herbal tea, or we share a pot of decaf. I occasionally have a glass of wine or two and if it’s really hot and I’m working outside, I earn a beer.

It’s all about moderation. Enjoy your life, your children and your family. Stay in touch, we are here to help!


Hi! Welcome! I had a 3-4 mm mca aneurysm that I had clipped last year. I was 40 with two small children, so somewhat similar to you! I just wanted to say I know how excruciating it is to wait. It was truly the worst part of the whole ordeal for me and I had a really hard time feeling so nervous all the time. I’m sorry that I’ve never drank coffee so can’t help there! Hang in there and you’re not alone! (((Hugs)))


Feeling anxious today, sleeping horrible and I’m really really making myself have good thoughts and trying to not be anxious but it’s sneaking up on me. Going to schedule with my GP to see if there is something to prescribe that I can take for anxiety, do any of you take anything for anxiety? I’m also going to a therapy appointment this afternoon. I’m breathing, I’m thinking happy thoughts just feel like I’m going to pass out sometimes and can’t control it. Thanks for any words of wisdom or advice on anxiety.

I am 5 months post surgery for middle right cerebral anni. 9mm x 7mm x7mm. I had to wait about 3 weeks after diagnosis for surgery. I was sent home to wait for surgery with no specific meds than what I was already taking. I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I was told not to become over excited or angry, nothing strenuous, do not get over heated outside and I think that was all. I walked around until surgery feeling like I was waiting for my head to explode. Every little pain I got nervous. The Dr told me that with an anni my size the chance of rupture was less than 2 0/0… The surgery itself was SO EASY !! My incision was not even sore… Worst part of surgery was vomiting afterwards. But I get tired very easy… Sometimes I get pains in my head that make me wonder … I found that I have to eat small regular meals/snacks… With protein. If not I feel like crap… No one can explain why but I also have issues with my memory… If I tell someone something this morning… I wont remember telling them this evening… The memory issues seem to be getting better but still not back to normal. All i can tell you is put your faith in.God and take one day at a time. I truly hope this helps you in some.way !


I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I was diagnosed with a 6mm anterior communicating artery aneurysm about a year ago just before my 50th birthday. It actually extended from the junction of A1-A2 into the AcomA. Mine was discovered after an MRI for face pain. I have since been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia and a headache disorder called hemicrania continua. The surgery for my aneurysm did not help the headaches or face pain.

I, too, was very anxious after the MRI and felt that my primary care doc was a bit too unconcerned. I ultimately went to Mayo Clinic and was very happy with my surgeon. He left, though, and is now in Louisiana. I had stent-assisted coiling for mine and it apparently fixed the aneurysm as I have now been cleared to return in a year and I am only taking aspirin for the aneurysm. I do have a visual disturbance in my right eye since the surgery, but they assure me that it is not the optic nerve or retina so I am hoping it will go away in time.

Anyway, my best advice is to find a doctor that you trust and ask them all your questions. Also, be sure to seek emotional support as needed. I’ve found the emotional roller coaster has been difficult and I am still struggling with my headaches and now stomach issues from the aspirin while trying to work full time and keep up with my four-year-old. I have two adult daughters who have been very helpful and supportive but do not live close.

Best of luck to you. I am sure you will find much support here. I know I have.


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Main thing is to watch your blood pressure and pray :slight_smile:
Limit anything that would make it spike…as in not too much excitement, anger or strenuous activities.

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Sorry to hear this, you are so young. I have been told aneurysms do run in families. I had a 15mm aneurysm in my posterior communicating artery, found during MRI for severe vertigo. I was 68 at the time, 3 years ago. Mine was coiled fairly quickly (4 days) because of the size. Yours is luckily on the small side thus not a huge hurry to treat. I totally understand huge anxiety, I felt it too. I did and do drink diet mountain dew daily so I believe caffeine is just fine. Yes continue with medications. SO scarry but hope this forum helps you know you have prayers and are in the company of others that have gone through this.

Do you monitor it at home with your own machine? Is this something I should buy? Definitely trying to not get stressed but this anxiety just comes out of nowhere. Therapist appointment helped me a little yesterday and just having fun with my kids today trying to just salt at happy. No headache today so that’s a positive.

I haven’t posted here for ages but if it wasn’t for this group I would have gone loopy.
I had two unruptured aneurysms, one 13mm on RH side and 9mm on LH side 2011. I went to my GP because I was forgetting stuff, basic things like how to count. Working in a bank made me more and more aware there was something wrong. He sent me straight to A&E where they did a barrage of tests and a CT scan. I was sent to see a neurosurgeon , had to be driven 130km the following day, only to be told I was put on a waiting list for elective surgery 6mths later.
I was in the same place you are in, but my life was in the hands of someone else and his time was more important than mine. I was waiting, in my mind, waiting to die.
I put my partner through hell with my mood swings, depression, I didn’t give a damn attitude. He stuck by me which was sometimes annoying as well.
After a year, both Annie’s were clipped in two separate operations, I was 50.
I was diagnosed with epilepsy subsequent to the annies, not related but possibly from a head injury when I was 8yrs old.
I have started driving and drinking coffee again at the beginning of this month - eight years since the operation.

  • My personal advice… Don’t STRESS and always tell someone how bad you are feeling. Otherwise your blood pressure will rise and you will have to give up coffee, well that’s what my GP told me.
  • Keep a journal or Daybook app because you will forget a lot of things - I’m missing two years, gone.
  • Keep testing your memory, learn new things, I do cryptic crosswords, write with my left hand (I’m right-handed). Just idiotic things that push different boundaries. Take care.

My story sounds so similar to yours. I am a 46 year old women with 2 young adult children, 1 on the ASD spectrum and a 2 yr old grandson.
mine was discovered after a MRI scan revealed an aneurysm on my right MCA.
I had a very bad migraine that was different to the my usual migraines and wouldn’t respond to meds. I went to the drs and they ordered a ct scan as my dad also died at 50 of an aneurysm… after this they did a cat scan with dye and I was referred to a neaurosurgeon. I saw specialist in 2 weeks but it took 6 months for the operation. A craniotomy.
The operation sounds really scary and the 6 month wait was difficult at times.
I protected myself by only reading articles from medical journals and using my drs advice- ( I actually joined the forums after my surgery)
I told only the people around me that could stay strong and keep my sports high and positive.
I used mindfulness and positive thinking.
I kept my stress under control by putting up more boundaries ( I used to be a bit of a people pleaser )

I’m almost a year out of surgery and super grateful for the journey I have travelled. I have learnt a lot about myself, my strength, my faith in God, respecting my body, what brings me joy. :blossom::two_hearts::pray:t2:

I am more than happy to answer any questions you have and support you through your journey. :grinning:

Stay strong there is a lot of survivors compared to when our parents passed. They didn’t even have CT scans.
Blessings praying for your strength


Hi there - I have tinnitus and was sent for a CT scan. That’s how they found a 5.4 mm aneurysm in my anterior communicating artery. I am 53 and a mother of 3. My vascular neurosurgeon was amazing. Dr. Adrian Weeks from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She said if it was over 7 mm she would have operated right away. I had “elective surgery” meaning I could wait if I wanted but I put myself on the list right away because knowing it was there was the worst part. My father had an aneurysm that burst but he survived it but I didn’t want to take a chance. I had my surgery February 8, 2019. So going back to when I was waiting, stop reading anything (other than this site haha) as everything you read is the worst case scenario. You can eat and drink what you always did. You’re very lucky they found it in its early stage. My surgery was vascular (they went up through my groin). So much less invasive.


I drink coffee But have switch to half calf.
I had a ruptured Aneurysm a few years ago and I have a small one they are watching. I too just had a MRI which I hate by the way. Waiting to get the results. I went through all of the what if this happens again. and Being Scared is ok I would say normal. Oh and I really understand the I don’t wanna wait I want this taken care of now! But you have something in your favor. you know it’s there and that doesn’t seem like a blessing but it is. Take a Deep Breathe and chill when you can and Talk to your Doctor maybe write down questions…I hope everything goes fine. Let us know. :heart: Marjorie


Thank you for your response. I am happy they’ve caught this in time guess I’m wondering if mine is so small why is it causing me these issues or is this all separate from the Aneurysm? I’m laying in bed now with a headache and feel like throwing up. This headache woke me up all night and feel pressure like almost a sinus infection. So maybe I just actually have a sinus infection and giving me this headache that I’m also feeling behind my eye. I felt good yesterday and had a great day then wake up all night with this and of course only thing I think is “is it rupturing?” I also feel like I was having little spasms in my head, not sure if that makes sense but I’m just hyper aware of anything going on right now. I also have been having this weakness in my right arm and hand that started before I knew about the BA. comes and goes but my eyes are what bother me the most. I am just going to stay on this board, googling just freaks me out.


Hi Everyone,

I don’t post often anymore but when I read my email today, I decided to contribute to this discussion.

We’ve all been through or are experiencing a great and scary health challenge. The experiences and outcomes are different for each of us but, we share a lot in common. One of the big ones is FEAR so, I’d like to emphasize points that Nattalie…G, and others made above and to add a couple of more.

  • Please do not allow yourself to be consumed by worry
  • Please realize that other people can’t relate to what you’re experiencing and the thought of having aneurysm makes them fearful, too.
  • Follow your doctors advice but enjoy life.

I share with you my mother’s advice that has served me well. “Everything in moderation including moderation.*:blush:. My surgeon’s advice was very similar.

My annie ruptured 50 years ago and I am thankful to have no deficits except for a seizure disorder related to the clipping. Thankfully, I have not had a seizure in more than 20 years.

I have lived with the knowledge that have 3 unruptured annies for more than 40 years. I don’t recommend my choice to everyone and I know that my choices may have been different if today’s technology was available when I made my decision. Despite this, I travel internationally, drink coffee, tea and wine in moderation. And, now am dealing with the health challenges that come with being an older adult.:blush:

My sister’s rupture was 2 months ago. She also had a very good outcome and has been cleared to go back to work. Thanks be to God!!

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. So, try not to worry, too much😉. Make adjustments in your routines to accommodate your new normal. Your friends and family will accept that you may not be able to do everything they do or some things you used to do.

Be happy!


Thanks Carole, you made me cry. In a good way. I’m happy to hear from all of these responses you are all ok and that this is our new normal I really appreciate everyone responding it’s helping. I’m going to go to a little holiday market this morning, I live in WA state and it’s getting cold. Bundling up and will have a warm drink and appreciate the day, have a good weekend everyone.


It is interesting to me that you mention spasms in your head. I too get a squeezing sensation in my head and these are sometimes followed by sweating. I have been diagnosed with a type of trigeminal autonomic cephalgia (TAC) headache and I feel these spasms and ‘hot flashes’ as a symptom of these. You might read up on these to see if this matches your symptoms.