Day one down

Well, I made it work ( training) until I’m about 1/2 way through and the.n my head started pounding and felt nauseous so I cam
home. But I gut up and went and lasted as long as I could. Took some tylenol and fed the cat, then decided to go back to bed. Still not bad for having surgery
only 5 weeks ago. Tomorrow will be a full day


Wow. I never thought Inwiukd be this tired going back. Making schedules, assigning classes, looking at grad requirements and that stupid in-service crap.
Now, I’m at the doctor for my knee.



That schedule would be exhausting for anyone. My husband is a teacher and will be going back to school in a few weeks. He’s always exhausted the first full week back, and that’s without grad school on top of things.

Go easy on yourself. If you can’t back down on your work and school requirements, see if you can get assistance in other things, at least while you’re still recovering

Sharon from ModSuppport