Daily grind

After returning to work ,I noticed no one realizes that some things like hammer drills, chop saws,and other loud devises cause my head to hurt. The solution to the problem is pain killers to them is that really safe.

I carry pain killers every where I go, it's the only way to be a part of the functioning world. People cant tell that your brain is pounding inside, and you can't really tell everyone to be quiet. So I would say as long as you use your pills responsibly you are safe!

Oh Howard...I can't even imagine ... those noises are tough on the brain... not sure of the answer ... Geesh...I am hanging it up today...not much help to anyone...gotcha in my thoughts...~ Colleen

I too live on ibuprofen. Some days are worse than others. Loud noises do bother me but not as bad at they use to. I am 10 yrs. out from unruptured brain aneurysem being clipped. The organ at church and when the choir is really loud it bothers me. I think it will get better with time for you. At least I hope so. Hang in there.

hi howard-im not clear---are you operating the power tools? im assuming you are since you have a safety concern,most pain meds have a warning to not operate machinery. Have you tried ear protection? i used to build tractor trailers w very loud rivit guns that hammered the rivit onto the steel frame & we had to use ear protection-hope this helps, God bless you & yours