Curt's Recovery

The day before yesterday when the docs asked if he knew his name and birthdate he answered them correctly.He couldn't remember what month it was nor what month Halloween is in. He also is aware that he had an aneurysm. Yesterday he again answered his name and birthdate correctly, but still had some confusion as to time and month. Thursday he was very alert and looking all around his surroundings.

When the physical therapy team came in, he was able to follow their instructions; i.e. raised both arms and legs and pointed his toes up and down.

He was told where the button was on the bed if he wanted his nurse. Well, you would have to know Curt to understand this, but he is pushing that button and getting the nurse in his room to tell them jokes!

His agitation isn't as bad as it was. However he did pull his pic line out and the rn's are waiting for his docs to decide if this needs to be reinserted. He keeps saying that he is well and ready to go home. That's our Curt!

We know he has to come much further in his recovery; please keep those prayers coming and also any feedback that you can offer.



Feisty is a sign of yes...Curt has a "way's to go"...~

Glad to hear that Curt is recovering, sounds like he has a sense of humour, laughter is a great medicine. Hope is is home soon.
Hugs lynn

A monkeywrench has been thrown into the mix. Curt's brother who my dtr and even Curt didn't ever get along. Donnie (brother's name) was named as next of kin even though their mother is alive. Donnie had Toni's visiting privledges revoked and he also had the password changed so she can't even call the hospital to see how he is doing. We really need prayers that Curt gets his faculties back and that he will start asking for her. Toni is making statements like "I have no reason to live without Curt". "He is my life". I am very concerned for her and praying that she doesn't do anything to harm herself. I hope these were just initial statements because today she isn't saying anything like that. She is busy trying to get his mom to change this status. I also think that his brother isn't doing this out of the kindness of his heart, but he thinks there is a lawsuit because on Monday Oct 1st he was taken to the ER complaining of a headache like he never had, his head feels like its in a vice and the ER doc wrote it off to his high blood pressure and discharged him. He also had a seizure before he was brought to the ER. They didn't even do a CT. Then on Thurs. Oct 4th my daughter noticed he was "twitching all over and really talking off the wall. She then called an ambulance and when brought to the ER that time they did a CT and saw "a small bleed in the brain". At that point they had him life flighted to Allegheny General Hospital that is in the top 50 hospitals in the US known for their treatment of brain trauma. So we think that his brother is in it for money. If anyone knows of anything that can be done in this situation please let me know. Again thank all of you for prayers and feedback.



Thank you Colleen for all your prayers and feedback. God bless you. It helps to know people care.

Thank you Lynn for your feedback. It helps to know there are people out there who care.

Hi Cathy ... I am so sorry this is happening...and hope to God that Toni can get all this reversed...I donot think this Donnie is doing any of this in Curt's best interest...and Tell Donnie...Good Luck Charlie on a Lawsuit...that is not an easy road...and many of us had many trips to ER until the aneurysm's were found...~ Gotcha all in my Thoughts and prayers ~ Colleen

hi cathy! yes long road back-dates and days were mind boggling for me also-missing the entire summer of 09 didnt help matters. Even now 3 yrs post sah its hard- i look at the pill box and see what day it is then stare at disbelief because its time to refill it again!!lol thanks for the update-so happy to hear improvement!

Curts mom gave Toni the password so she can call the hospital and see how he is doing. She also got to the hospital yesterday and got to see him. At first everything was going fine; they kissed and hugged but then Curt became angry and was telling Toni to get him out of there and give me a "damn cigarette". He became agitated that Toni wasn't there to bring him home and began saying off the wall things that didn't make sense. He was moved to rehab facility yesterday and Curts mom called Toni and asked her if she would help her fill out forms for the rehab center. Toni said she would be happy to help her with the forms. Curt's mom is having a very hard time understanding what is going on with him and she is very scared that he won't recover. The docs and Toni have both tried their best to explain to her. Thank you ron, colleen and lynn for all your prayers and feedback. It helps me to explain things to Toni and in turn it helps her to explain things to his mom. God bless all of you.


hi Cathy, my name is donna and I had a sah 2011 of aug. I remember my friends laughing about my calling them on my cell(I don't remember calling them) It's all very scary to say the least!! It is amazing what we go thru but some how we do. will keep u in my prayers. donna

Hi Donna: thanx for replying to my comments. Curt is still in a confused state of mind. I am wondering if anyone can give me some feedback on how long it took them to get their faculties back and if their short term memory was damaged when the annie ruptured give me some idea of what was done to make this better or if it will never return or is this an unanswerable question and a wait and see what does come back. Really would appreciate some feedback on this subject. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you all and God bless.


Hi Cathy, u have to remember that everyone is different!!! I don't remember three weeks of time in the hospital which my family and drs are actually surprised because they said I made perfect sense. The brain is an amazing organ. Short term memory can be soooo frustrating to all involved. But there are ways to help such as writing things down. Does curt have any problems with fluid accumulating aroung the brain? I did and so had a shunt put in which made a lot of difference. keeping you in my prayers. donna

Thanx donna for the feedback. Don't know if there is any fluid accumulating but he is scheduled for another ct on Nov 8. Thank you for all prayers. God bless you.