Curt's Recovery

Curt has been taken off the respirator and is breathing on his own. He is still very confused about what happened, etc. My daughter, curt's fiancee, is on her way now to the hospital to see him for the first time since he has been extubated. She is very frightened that he may not know her. His mom is also on her way there. Because of transportation difficulties it is very hard for my daughter and I to get to the hospital. She knows how critical it is for his recovery to see familiar faces and hear familiar voices. She has had a guardian angel watching over her and has been able to get to the hospital at least every other day. She also lives quite a distance from me and neither one of us is able to drive. My heart aches that I can't be with her during this traumatic time. She is all alone. Dear God please send someone to me or her so that I can get to her. I am very frightened for her as well as for Curt. They truely only have each other and I pray that he is able to return to her one of these days without too much of a change in him. Thanx to all who have commented on my post. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you. Cathy

You got it Cathy...I can hear your pain...~ Cyber~prayers right now out to all of You...~ Colleen

Thank you Colleen for all your thoughts and prayers. This is all new to me and my daughter and Curt's mom, as I'm sure it was for all those who have gone through this. God bless you.