Craniotomy scars and problems

Has anyone had problems with their craniotomy scars ?

So far I have been lucky not to gave had any other than itching. It takes time to settle in from them…hope you’re doing better now.

Hi Corinne thanks for your reply . my scar is opening up and bleeding and scabbing up . I am in contact with my neurosurgeon to see what’s up

10 wks post surgery and I noticed a red scab that looked like a blood blister, but wasn't. Seems to be healing, now. I put triple antibiotic on it. It just suddenly appeared where there was nothing. Maybe I scratched it? I also have little hairs within the incision. One spot got a small bubble of infection that was pussy with 3 little hairs in the puss. antibiotic ointment cleared that up, but I wonder if there will be more. Yuk. And, yes, it's itchy!

Hi Michelle,

How far out are you from the surgery? I had some complications up until about 10 weeks post op with healing. There was a large scab where the drain was that I kept questioning with my surgeon and kept being told to give it more time or if concerned to see a plastic surgeon. I went to see a plastic surgeon and he removed the scab to find that the tissue had never even closed. They closed it up and it healed from then on.

About 5 months post op I had some small hairs poking through the scar that were extremely painful and causing scabs as well as puss. I went to a dermatologist for these and they removed them and I was also given a cortisone shot in the scar to help loosen up the tissue. Those scabs have since healed and the only issue I have are intermittent pain along the scar. I’m thinking it’s the nerves starting to regrow, but I have heard that this can go on forever.

Itching is also pretty consistent but has gotten more tolerable with time. I hope this help and hang in there!


I’m 18 months into recovery but have had recently noticed that my scar seems to be opening up in places . it might be just be that I’m itching the scar in my sleep as I have long nails but it’s worrying especially as there are dents in my skull that seem to be getting deeper.
I also have just been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer . it doesn’t just rain it pours :frowning:

12 years since my craniotomy, I found a small scab on my head. I don’t remember hitting it on anything. It appears to be along the scar line. At first i thought it was a tick because it feels like a little bump. Ended up with some blood and puss and no tick. Doesn’t hurt so just keeping it clean and expecting it to heal on its own.

Hi Michelle20

Reading your post really gets me worried. I’ve never heard of ‘reopening’ incisions/scars after craniotomy. How are you doing now? Hope things are better for you! Has your doctor checked them out?

Hi Cait390

Mind if I ask you a question? You had a ‘drain’ put in your incision line? Was that why your had a large scab? Is it all healed now? Thinking of an incision that never heals is really scary! And, small hairs poking through the scar is even more scary. Hope things are much better for you now!!