Cosmetic Question

I hope this post doesn’t offend anyone! I understand some of us may still be pre-surgery or in early recovery, so I’m sorry to ask a question that may seem trivial. I had an aneurysm clipping in April of 2019 and had a pretty typical recovery. Still have some weird sensations on that side of my head and a few other things, but mostly I’m recovered. I do have a patch of scar tissue in a very conspicuous spot on the front of my hairline with no hair regrowth. I’m wondering if anyone has had a procedure to repair this kind of scar tissue and what worked well. I guess I have to see a cosmetic surgeon…

Welcome! I usually treat scars with Vit.E. I just use the vitamin, stick a needle in the end and spread it over the affected area. You may want to contact your surgeon or a dermatologist. I hope those members who have had a crainiotomy will chime in with what they’ve done. Let us know how it goes!

Thank you! I’ll try that, but I’m afraid I waited too long. A friend uses castor oil as well. Definetly worth a try before trying to fix it surgically.

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Hi Lmdimeglio. I have a scar that is probably similar to yours. I did use Vitamin E oil…but still have the scar! At least only part of the scar really shows ~ at the front of my hairline. This is probably not helpful at all! But since my aneurysm almost killed me, I think of it as positive symbol. Or a conversation starter, LOL. If it really bothers you to have it, I believe there is a procedure that dermatologists can do that break up the scar tissue so it’s not as noticable. But not sure if that will give you hair regrowth!
I hope someone else has some better (i.e. useful) information for you.
Best wishes

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I agree, I’m very happy that all I have left from the aneurysm is a dent and a scar! I’m glad you are doing well!
I’ll probably try massaging in vitamin E and castor oil and give it a little more time. Then go get a consult and see what I’m looking at…