Hair Re-growth?

I had aneurysm surgery 4 months ago and to date the hair on the shaved part of my skull has only grown one inch. Does it take a long time for re-growth? I am very grateful and blessed to be alive but, if my hair isn't going to grow back, I will purchase a wiglet or something like that. Has anyone had difficulty with hair re-growth? Thanks.


Kathleen I have no experience in this, but I want to get your post back on the main forum because others have expressed the same concerns...Good Luck to you ~ Colleen

I had my ruptured aneurysm coiled February 2012. The bald spot nearly drove me nuts. It was also falling out by the handfuls. After I came home I started using frustis fall shampoo. That helped a lot with the fallout. I also take a biotin and a multi vitamin every day. I cut the rest of the hair into a short pixie style so I wouldn’t look like Rod Stewart having a bad hair day. LOL! It’s all about 3 inches long all over. Don’t give up on it. An inch is a start!

Remember, for men, any day with hair is a good hair day. My guess is that if some of the men here had any hair regrowth at all, it would be a miracle. But all kidding aside, I had a micro follicular hair transplant years ago, it was months before I saw any stubble grow. Keep in mind I have a pretty decent hairline now and lived many years without one. The hair follicles sometimes go into shock after trauma (surgery) and go dormant for a while. Give it some time and you should be back doing shampoo commercials in no time.

My aneurysm was in March 2012 and my hair still isn't back to "normal". I got it cut short to even it up and there is only about a 2 inch difference between the sides. What disturbed me most was how much hair I lost - handfuls falling out. Doc told me if was from all the stress my body was under. I too starting using Fructis Fall Fight and it has helped. Good luck in your recovery

Hang in there, your hair will grow back in time. I grew to love wearing different scarves until my hair grew back & I was shaved bicoronal, ear to ear. It’s almost a year since craniotomy & my new hair is thicker, stronger, and longer. I got professional deep conditioners every 2 weeks & took prenatal vitamins. Best wishes:)

Well I had the same problem. I asked my hairdresser for a pixie cut and after I change to a specialist in vegetal hair dying, now my hair are growing nicely and I got some curl back, better than before. Now it has been more than 8 months and it is not noticable anymore. I know, it is really difficult to regain a positive self-image but time runs quickly. Good luck to you. Luxtine