Colour warning system

My wife and I designed a colour system to share with my work, family and friends. After two drsmatic trips to the hospital due to the aftermath and treatment my wife’s 2 burst aneurysms on the wall of the brain, I thought it was important for my wife to distinguish the support she needs:

Green means no obvious symptoms

Yellow means monitoring and rest as she is experiencing light pressure headaches, some mixing up of words, fatigue and light headedness.

Orange prepare to goto hospital as she has just had a neck spasm, localised headache etc

Red means hospital as the panadol rapid has not worked

This has even helped when I get home from work so I can gauge what type of conversations are safe to have without causing stress. More importantly, family know what to look for as the symptoms are listed on the cards. As well, my work (teacher) understands that the words “orange” or “red” may mean that my classes need covering.

Most important is that my wife carries a set of cards with her that includes the words dial 000 (emergency in Australia) and my mobile number. All she has to do is hand a red card to somone if she is having a stroke etc, without the need for speech.

Just thought it was worth sharing

Phil....this is a great idea...thank you so much....

Prayers for lots of Greenery...


Hi Phil and Virginia!!! Welcome to the greatest brain anuerysm site in the universe! Thank you for the tips-i do the same thing with folders, green one is money-banking, blue one is dr-sad,etc etc. Its the little things that help us tons!!! See you round the block!! it really is a community!

This is a great idea!

Thank you for sharing...great idea...

Hi Philip & Virginia, what a great idea with the cards, I think I may make some for myself to carry. I do hope Virginia is improving and also your daughter. You have found a great support group here, everyone will give you support or answer any questions you may have. I am also in NSW and ex ed dept, but not a teacher I was/am a Braille transcriber. I have a stent in my brain after hy discovered a 14mm aneurysm on my left ICA, that was 18 months ago. Hugs & positive thoughts for you family.

A very intelligent way to communicate in so many ways. Great idea!!!!!!

Sorry to hear about ur wife however I have to say I love your idea about the color system and I am going to adapt it to my situation.


Hi Phil,
What an outstanding idea.:slight_smile: I’m going to share this with my family. I will be undergoing clipping soon and I think this will be a valuable tool for us. Praying for you and Virginia.


What a clever communication tool.

I think it's a brilliant idea. I know my DH always asks me, "How are you feeling today?" and I get tired of just talking about how bad I feel. Even so, I often feel like he's just asking to be polite, and not really even absorbing any specific response I may give him. The cards would be a great tool to let him know--categorically--whether there's anything he should be aware of or attuned to.

Perhaps you could take a cell phone photo of the front and back side of each card and post it in this thread to serve as a guide for others who would like to adopt your color card system.

--Many thanks