Warning leak? Scared but not diagnosed

I’m a 23 years old boy from Spain. From the last year I’ve been experiencing hyperacusis (sensitivity to sound) but I had a CT done and my GP told me everything was fine. I never worried about that again. One month ago I started having right side headaches, continuous light sensitivity, dizziness and low back pain. I went to the ER several times and even to the neurologist. Everybody says it’s just a migraine. I know it isn’t. I’m afraid I had a sentinel headache or warning leak from an aneurysm that also causes the hyperacusis since last year. I’m scared to death. I have an appointment to do an MRI next 16th may but I think I won’t make it. I have fear of sleep and I don’t want to be alone anytime. I don’t know what to do except wait and pray. Help please.

Hi Fernando..

Read your post last night and am thinking of you...at least it sounds like you might be getting somewhere with the MRI appointment coming up, do you know if this will be done with contrast dye? Am MRA with contrast is usually considered the gold standard for this type of 'search' in your brain....Do you happen to have any relatives who have had aneurysms? if so you need to inform your doctors of this, which might be helpful in getting them to take your concerns abit more seriously...getting diagnosed correctly can sometimes be a nightmare, and it is scary. Thinking of you and sending healing vibes , Peace, Janet

Hi Janet. I don't have any relatives who have had aneurysms. Thank you for your support. Tomorrow my father get me an appointment with a very important doctor here in Málaga. Hope everything will be solved then. I don't give up.

hi Fernando- you are on the right track- but think that you WILL make it not that you won't. You have a lot of good qualities--your youth, non smoker etc etc. ,add positive thinking and no heavy lifting if possible and you will make it. Just take it easy as much as possible and take care of yourself- eat well and get lots of sleep-don't worry about sleep --I have been on here a year and not heard of one rupturing in sleep. Don't stress-get some relaxing music and meditate thinking positive thoughts - like where you will visit on vacation once this is all behind you. You can do it, We'll be praying for you and yours~

Thank you so much Ron. Your comment really encouraged me. This is just a bad episode of my life and I’m sure I’ll make it better.

Glad to see your dad is getting you to the right places...keep taking deep breaths, try to stay calm...and know we are sending positive vibes your way ~ Colleen

Hi fernando, hope your feeling slightly better today as you sounded terribly anxious yesterday :frowning: stressing yourself out & worrying isn’t going to help, u need to stay positive & think positively. I’m sure you’ll be fine, but your doing the right thing in getting yourself properly checked over :slight_smile: Let us know how your appointment went. Best wishes, love Claire -x-