Coiling Surgery and time off work?

Well, what I thought was just going to be a follow up regarding my MRA results, turned out to be a little bit different. Based on the images that were reviewed by my neurosurgeoon, the annie has had a formation change, and has shown some growth. Apparently the annie is more elongated verses a bulge and that rises the concern for a rupture. Based on family history and my hypertension, the neurosurgeon recommened the Enodvascular coiling for my 2.7 mm annie. I am hopeful everything will be okay, but am interested in hearing how people’s recoveries turned out, and/or any suggestions that I should know prior to surgery. How long were you outta work.Thanks everyone.

My doc said when I go in to have my unruptured annie fixed, I should only be in the hospital for 3 days, 7 worse case scenario. Then take 3 to 10 days off work. I’m fine with that!

Hi Reine, I had coiling on a 6mm and was only in the hospital for 2 days, I had surgery Tuesday morning and went home Wednesday afternoon, I went back to work in less than a week but I took it easy at first. I was fortunate to have a fast physical recovery it was the emotional part of it that I had a hard time with.