Coiling Statistics

I was coiled in Jan 2011. What are the statistics on how long before another new aneurysm can form after the first one’s been coiled and also how long before the coiled annie starts growing again? Any chances of them never ever having to return/recur? I always try to live each day as it comes and not worry about the future but once you have had an aneurysm, and especially with coiling, I hear the recurrence rate is higher than clipping - I do not want to take chances if I can do something about it. I want to be pro-active in this regard and make sure my doctors/neurosurgeons are monitoring me at realistic/safe intervals. I just had my 6-month follow-up CTA. Thank God, I think all is good. Would really appreciate your response/reply.


I had my rupture on February,2009 ; on september 2009 during the first angiocontrol I have a small blood recanalization in the annie and the doctor suggested to apply a flow diverter stent ( done in January 2010).

In september 2010 I had another angiografic study and everything was ok.

Next controll will be on 12 september 2011.

In my understanding the recurrence rate for coiling is higher than clipping ; in coiling you should have a quick recovery as well.

let's check and controll the situation and cross the fingers.

take care.


I have the same concerns with no answer.

Best of luck for your angiogram being perfect. I just had my 6 month one. So glad that’s over. God bless. Kathy

At my 6mos angio follow up, I was told that there was at least a 99.5% chance that i would NEVER have another problem with that aneurysm. And I trust my surgeon, he's one of the best.

I do have 2 small ones that are on the watch and wait approach, but am told that there's absolutely no predicting what they will do over time - but there is a chance that they may never grow, and I may never grow more. They will be checked every year. I have no risk factors, but if you do, I'd clean them up really quickly (ie, smoking, blood pressure etc).

I'm feeling more positive as time goes on - it's been over 9mos now, and it's getting easier to just live, though I dont' go a day without thinking about them, I'm not paralyzed w anxiety. I'm starting to feel safer in the world - time seems to be the best medicine.

I was coiled in 2010...I was told that coils shut of blood supply to the annie and eventually the annie dies...but when I came to this site ... I see many who have to have added coils...or now clipping, because coiling didn't take...this is very upsetting...but I have to realize everybody's situation is different...and like you when I had my 6mos angio...I was told the coils are working great ... and I come back in a year to have a re~check...

Fondly colleen