Coiled annie that now is now a new annie again


I had a 7mm rupture in 2005. The aneurysm was coiled successfully.

Now on my yearly MRI showed something. We did a Angiogram as well.

Well the coiled annie is now again classified as an unruptured aneurysm as it is slowly filling up again. Right now its back to 2.5mm. I also now have a completely new one in the back and the third one is untreated due to location (they found this during my rupture)

At the present we are just watching them as the treatment this time would be clipping.

Has anyone had a coiled aneurysm that filled back up?

Hi Tina,

Re-canalization happens. Many people who are smokers or have genetic ties to aneurysms (or both) need to have more coils inserted into their aneurysms. This is why there is follow up with aneurysms (clipped or coiled). I'm very sorry you're having to go through this, but we have to play the cards we're dealt. If you smoke, QUIT! NOW!

If you don't smoke, then get some more coils, maybe hydrogel coated coils, maybe Onyx, talk to your doctors about taking Fish Oil, and keep getting regular MRIs/MRAs.

I'm sending you a cyber ((((Hug)))) with best wishes.


Hi Julie,

Reading your reply to Tina, my wife Sue had a SAH six month ago she was a smoker,the consultant said it was down entirely down to smoking ,she is now a ex smoker and will remain so as long as i am around, but was interested that you mentioned fish oil is that cod liver oil , what is the benefits of taking it. Look forward to hearing from you Best Wishes John

Hi Tina...

There have been a few posts of folks around here that were coiled and other have to re~coil and/or now be clipped...scary...since I am not even 18 months from my coiling...I go back in June for another check...I wish they would tell us this when we are it wouldn't be such a shock...You have my Thoughts and prayers...~ keep us posted...Colleen

Hi Colleen,

Well i must admit i do vaguely remember the consult telling us that they may need recoiling sometime if they should leek ,but when you are in the emergency room and your parters fighting for life you just don't take it all in, you would say yes to anything. I am just hoping that Sue's wil never need re coiling as she's not aware of this yet. Poor Tina after six years you think she would be safe, but it seems as if it's going to be a continuous thing checking which i suppose is a good if it saves another rupture. Best Wishes John

Hi john...You are so kind...I think sometimes...the other problem with the coils...(2005 for example when these were done...) I was told that they have been perfected more...since they first came out and less likely to need added coils...and you are so right...all the stuff they told us...was hard to take it all in at the time...I quit smoking about 10 years ago...and my surgeon told us...if I ever go back to smoking...don't come see him ... so perhaps this is why? and my husband said like long as I am alive...she will never go back to smoking...Thanks for the support...Cyber~thoughts your way...Colleen


When Sue was in hospital nearly all of the women in her ward were smokers. I didn't ever imagine that smoking could affect you in this way, i always worried she might get heart disease, or cancer but aneurysm never occurred to me. We have four children two that smoke and two that don't, i have explained there could be a slight genetic link but there still smoking can you beleive it, but at 25 and 32 how can make them do anything there adults. Thanks for the information on the coils sounds promising. Best Wishes john