Finally got a date!

Well its finally happened. I go in Sunday for clipping. Still can’t get my head around it finally being here. My Mum died suddenly last week so have so much going on at the minute that I wanted to cancel but my family want me to go ahead so it looks like its full steam ahead. I am so nervous but know my Mum will take care of me.

Anybody got any words of wisdom/advice for me beforehand? Any advice will be very gratefully accepted.

Thanks everybody

Hi Claire, I will be going in on Thursday for a coiling on Friday. Like you I have had a long wait for treatment with our health system. Best wishes and I will be thinking of you. Caro


I am so happy for you that you finally have a time. My thoughts and prayers will be with you!



Sorry sweetie…about the loss of your mum…God your poor thing…alot on your plate…but you can’t save her now…but you can save yourself…so it is good that you are going to get clipped…Gotcha in my Heart and prayers…! ((((Hugs))))Colleen

i did not have a clipping but did have a coiling in oct 09 on a ruptured anny,thank God they caught it before rupture…im sorry about your mother, just know that she will be up in heaven watching over you…i will keep you in my prayers …God is not going to leave your side…keep your faith, the Lord is your shield…many prayers coming to you michelle-n-texas

Claire, Sorry about your mother passing & your facing the anticipation of the clipping so closely after. Have faith that you will be taken care of properly, will heal & your Mother’s love is watching you from heaven. All the best, Judi

You got my Prayers and Well~wishes....! Keeping in Close...

Hugs Colleen

Thanks everybody for the good wishes. Just getting the last of my packing done then hopefully a good nights sleep then of to hospital tomorrow. Nervous enough but I suppose that is normal.

Caro I hope your coiling went well...wishing you a speedy recovery x x

Hopefully I will be back on very soon

Take care everybody x

Best wishes Claire - sending good thoughts your way. Looking forward to reading your "after" posts!


Greetings from hospital :slight_smile:

Had angiogram on Monday and they found
they aneurysm I knew about and a different
one on far side so 2 ops before I go :frowning: Had
one on Tuesday and feel great so just waiting
on second one on Tuesday! 31 stitches already
so bring on the other side!! Hopefully I’ll be back
on after it with more good health x

Thanks everyone x

You go Claire...keep that attitude...

I am sure mum is watching over you ... like your own "guardian angel"...

it is so good to see a post from you already...!


You are amazing! Your outlook and attitude inspire me - thanks for the updates!! Good luck —

Hi Claire thinking of you a lot and wishing you a very speedy recovery. Pls keep us in touch. I came out of hospital on Thurs after coiling and not feeling bad, just a bit weak. Celebrated my 60th birthday ysterday with my lovelyfamily, a birthday I thought I would not see at one time.

Lots of hugs Caro xxxx

Happy, Happy Birthday to you Caro! Also, that's great you aren't feeling too badly after the coiling.

Best wishes, Judi

Best of success to you! Sending good vibes :slight_smile: Regards, Judi

Hi all
Just said I would drop a note on recovery! Out of
Hospital since Saturday and feel really great. Got
2nd operations staples out today and feeling really
great! Can’t believe it’s 2 weeks since first op
and I feel great. Really can’t believe how well I am!
It’s all brilliant! Thanks everyone for all the messages.
Really appreciate them all
Thanks a million for them all
Claire x

Happy belated birthday Caro…great you are feeling
well and hope you had a great 60th x

Great News Claire...!

You keep on feeling so great...

Cyber~hugs Colleen


It's grand to get this from you... your mum was watching over you.


so sorry to hear about your mom god bless good lucklinda