Coiling on May 15

Hi all,

I found out yesterday I'll have my annie coiled on Tuesday. I am somewhat relieved, but also nervous as well. The angiogram showed a weakening in the aneurysm so that just creates a bit more anxiety for the next few days. My thoughts and prayers are with all others in this group as well as anyone else suffering from an aneurysm anxiety.

I understand your anxiety. My surgery is also in May 15. It’s scary. We will both be glad on the 16th when we are done! My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Prayers for you both Judie and Kelly!!

Thanks to everyone!!

our thoughts and prayers are wwith you Kelly &Judie-this is a tough trial you're having to deal with but you can do it-may the Good Lord give you comfort and courage

Thank you. God has gotten me this far, I trust he will get me through the PED surgery :-). This bloodthinner is making me nauseous todsy though. Anyone else have that issue? Does it ease up the longer your on it?

Im not on the generic one, but I’m also very anxious, so it can be a combination if the two things. Thanks for the info!


Hi judie,
I hope this weekend finds you well! I will be thinking about you as they wheel me into surgery Tuesday. We both have a lot of people who care about us, so, just know I will be praying for both of us that day :slight_smile:


Hi Kelly,

Thanks, I, too, will think about you Tuesday morning. Weekend is good as long as I don't think about it. Tomorrow should be an interesting day. I have lots of nervous energy!! We are both very fortunate and I keep telling myself that. All the best and I'll commuicate after the procedure as soon as I feel up to it. Keep your chin up! Enjoy the rest of today. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. Prayers to all! Judie

I don’t know if I want today to go fast or slow. The anxiety is starting to set in. I can’t wait to get this over with, but on the other hand, I m angry I have to do this.

I'm so sorry you have anxiety is starting for my June followup.....I will be praying that you have peace about the entire process and that you have a great recovery!!!

Thank you! I pray your anxiety eases also. What is your date? I will mark my calender :slight_smile:


I know I wish today would fly by but then again, I'm not really in a hurry for tomorrow. Well, yes and no I guess.. I long to be back home relaxing and recovering.....

You hang in there and we'll chat soon!



Thank you. It's helpful to have others to share our experiences. It will makes us stronger and able to get throught this process a bit easier. You hang in there too and keep positive thoughts going and I will too.


My follow up is June 18th so plenty of time to anticipate! Thank you for the prayers!!

We will chat!!!


Well BAF friends, tomorrow is the day for me. All of your thoughts, prayers and stories has helped me so much for this. My thoughts and prayers are out to anyone about to have to deal with any type of aneurysm situation. Thank you so very much. I'll be in touch as soon as I can. Be well,


Good luck and prayers and hugs sent your way!


God bless! Praying!! See you soon!!!

Prayers for you TOO!!!