Angiogram scheduled for November 30th

Hello BAF friends!

It has been awhile since I have logged on...been feeling so much better and the headaches have decreased to about one a week! I am back up to 8 hour shifts at work and the energy is coming back. I am 7 months post coiling for my unruptured annie. I am really feeling anxious about the upcoming Angiogram....the thought of going back into the hospital and going through that again is scary stuff. My 6 month MRI/CAT scan showed that the annie was still sealed and this is just a follow up to ensure that all is good. Felt the need to reach out to those who have been in my shoes....any positive notes are encouraged as I am trying to keep the anxiety at a bare minimum! Sending healthy thoughts to all of you!

Hi Pam, I understand the anxiety and try to tell myself that I did this and it wasn’t as bad as my anxiety led me to believe it was going to be. No matter how hard you try I don’t think you can do it without being nervous. Take a deep breath, what helps me is visualizing myself when it’s all done and focusing on how good I feel when it is all over. Hang in there, I will have you in my thoughts Friday so stop back and check in when you are up to it after your procedure, I will be anxious to hear from you. Take care, Shelly.


You have my Thoughts and Prayers for only good news to come your way...~ Cyber~hugs Colleen