I had an ansurrysm spring a leak, come to find out my brain had been bleeding for 6 days,I had brain surgery and now have clips in my brain and on my skull, I spent 5wks in hospital, its been about 7 years and still not back to my normal self, I also went flat line on operation table everyday is a different challenge I am like a human barometer I know what the weather is going to do before anyone. I like to know if anyone else have plates in their head and if they hurt at times, and if they ever got back to normal,By that I mean like I dont think the same I more out going then I ever been in my life,cant take stress and get stressed easy. Just want to know if there are others out there like me and is facing challengers, Maybe I could give some helpful hints and get some back.

Hello my name is Allen and i will be haveing one cliped next week , not sure what to look forward to , very scared.

I didnt have a problem with that I was in icu for 2 wks before they did mine, no problem with the healing its after years after I gained weight from all the hard med. an steriods. I guess I went into a comfort zone didnt relize how seriours it was, I feel them now, are they cutting into your skull?? They did mine and its latter on that I have had problems with them.I wish you luck and think postive and after look at old picture for your memory training I did all kinds of things to do it myself since I knew how I felt was my weak points I started playing foosh ball for my eye and moter skills.Please keep in touch if I can help you in anyway I will. Good luck to you :slight_smile:

Did they have to put plates on skull too?/ I agree with you its a new different life some good some bad, thanks for replying

Just wondering how your doing ?