Does anyone know if they will clip annies in the 3's and 5'?

Size isn't the only thing that determines surgery...location, chance of rupture, age of patient, etc.,

I had a 9mm coiled and they are watching a 2mm right now...told me more risk for surgery on 2mm then rupture...~ wishing you a beautiful day ~ Colleen

Hi Sharon,

I just had a 5mm clipped on November 20th, however mine had two daughter domes on making them weaker than usual.

I was given the option of clipping, PED or coils, but they thought mine was 7mm-10mm on the CTA, then 7 on the MRA, then 6 on the angio, then 5 when they did the PED.

Mine was 4.5 and my neurosurgeon said he usually prefers to clip but it was the location of mine that made coiling the better option.

What is PED?

I was told they don't like to touch them until they are 7mm or more. They have to clip my last 2 because of where they are. I see surgoen on 17

Daughter domes?

Pipeline Embolization Device

It works to block of the aneurysm so no blood gets in and it disappears. Surgery is considered a procedure, is done through the femoral artery much like an angiogram, and recovery is fairly quick as opposed to clipping. The FDA says its for 10mm and up, but the surgeon said he thought it would be very successful where mine was located and he was correct. Surgery was late July and as of Nov. 7th, it no longer appears on the films and only wisps of blood enter now.

My aneurysm ruptured and was clipped, and I have another one that is being watched. After talking to the Dr. ,he explained that it isn't only the size , its also the shape of the aneurysm and where it's located that determines what is the best way to go