I am in the process of scheduling a clipping in November. Anxiety has really set in. What can I expect. Doctor says 3% risk. Hope I am doing the right thing by having this done.

It is natural to feel anxiety...and until you have your clipping do not suffer alone, ask the Doctor for something to help take the edge off...I also, found some long walks helped the anxiety...Anyways, if you are unsure or doubt your Doctor...get a second opinion...Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Thank you I am really impressed with him and the two prior surgeons I saw during my testing spoke highly of him. Both of his peers say he does the most clippings in Central Ohio where I am located. One of them said that if it were his brother or dad he would want the Dr I have preforming the procedure. I am just anxious for the procedure and what needs to be done. Seems routine for them but it is scary sitting on the other side.

Hi troy! Welcome to the forum! looks like I missed the initial welcoming, so sorry your mother was taken way too soon by these monsters.i have no clipping experience but just wanted to show support, from what i gather after effects are similar to the previous-headaches,dizzy,off balance etc etc, tc, keeping you all in thoughts and prayers~~

Hi Troy, I’m also waiting for a clipping on October 28th. I’m trying to get ready for it by being as healthy as possible (spinach/blueberry smoothies, lots of fruits/veggies, fish) and daily walks. I’m also looking into wedge pillows which are supposed to help with swelling and sleeping-I have another post about it.
Hang in there- it’s scary but I think the surgery will bring great relief.

Troy - I remember the anxiety well while waiting for my clipping surgery. I was scared to death. As Colleen said, ask you doctor for something to help take the edge off and it should also help you to sleep at night. I noticed that I wasn't quite as emotional and anxious after having a couple of good night's sleep. Please let us know if you have any questions, I am sure everyone would like to help you to feel at peace with your decision to move forward with the surgery. Let us know when the surgery is.

Take Care & God Bless,

~ Carol

Troy, I want to wish you all the best, thoughts and prayers are with you. Please keep us posted and know we are all here for you. The hours leading up to the surgery you will go through a roller coaster of different feelings. I know I did then I just accepted the fact this is something beyond my control, and it is what it is , the main thing is they found it in time to do something about it. I wish you all the best


I've gone down the road of clippings (1998 left sided p-com and 2010 right p-com clipping to fix a bad coiling) and believe it when I say that if ever I would be given the chance to choose my procedure for the 'fix', I would certainly go with a clipping hands down~they were not THAT bad to get thru and recover from, and don't hesitate to get an anti anxiety med (Ativan or Xanax or etc) as it truly does help calm a jittery mind down to where the mind can focus and function again~Its not a surgery that anyone feels comfortable scheduling, granted ( I felt like I was walking down the Green Mile when I went in in 2010 knowing full well what surgery awaited me) , but SO glad I made that decision. You're gonna' be okay ! I know its not at all easy , Peace to you as you get thru it all,



I scheduled it yesterday. It will be Nov 5th. Thanks for the well wishes.


Thanks for the info. I jest scheduled m surgery yesterday. It will be Nov 5th. I am seeing my primary phys today to discuss uping my BP meds as well as some sort of anti anxiety meds. Thanks for the well wishes.


Thanks for the well wishes. I think I have already started the roller coaster ride. Haha.

That is a good thing when a peers say that about a Doctor Troy...hang in there...gotcha in my thoughts ~ Colleen

Hi Troy. Ask your doctor if they will use glue for the incission instead of staples. Seems to leave less of a scar than staples{cant hardly see mine after one year}. And, you dont have to go back to have the staples removed. Good luck

My mom’s birthday so everything will be fabulous :slight_smile:
One year, four months post clipping. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Take it easy. No heavy lifting, (more than 5 pounds) no bending over, bend from the knees to pick something up (no pressure) and sleep when you need it! Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Any questions, feel free to message me :slight_smile: xo

I wish I knew about the glue option…

hey troy! I had my first rupture in 1988.. It was clipped as well as 2 others. (4 clips total). Way back then, those babies are in perfect shape to this day.. no change since those 2 surgery dates!!! And I had a complete, full, better than ever recovery (even tho one was a rupture). I still pray for my neurosurgeon who back in that day had the technology (and Gift from God) that he was capable to do what he did!!!

Troy, I had my clipping about 8 weeks ago, but my anerysm ruptured, so I did not have time to ponder and worry. I would take everyone’s advice and go to your doc to get something to take the edge off. Jo Anne’s words it’s beyond your control is too true. The docs have this. They are the experts and know exactly what they are doing. Keep the faith. You will feel tired for some time afterwards. Take the time to heal and don’t push yourself. Positive vibes to you.

It is normal to be anxious leading up to such a delicate surgery. I had my unruptured aneurysm clipped in 2011 at age 64. Unfortunately I did contract a staph infection (in the 1-3% group) which required several other surgeries ... but went back to work, retired, spending time with friends and family. A few minor after effects from the surgery but so thankful be here. My mom died at age 45 from a ruptured brain aneurysm when I was 19. Odds are in your favor... sending prayers your way.

Was told clipping was the Cadillac care, more dangerous surgery but much better future outcome. …coils can move and blood may not stay clotted and nannies can rebleed don’t want to do over, once I’d definitely enough. …

You are right same thing my surgeon told me. Longer recovery for sure. Almost two weeks in and finally feeling better but well worth it.

Corinne MCH said:

Was told clipping was the Cadillac care, more dangerous surgery but much better future outcome. …coils can move and blood may not stay clotted and nannies can rebleed don’t want to do over, once I’d definitely enough. …