Clipping Recovery Question

I had a ruptured aneurysm 8 years ago, and went for a check up and they found a new one. I am having it clipped in 2 weeks and the Dr. said that I will be out of work for about 3 weeks. Is it me or does that seem kind of quick to go back to work after major surgery?



That seems quick to me. I had one clipping after an unruptured annie and my sensitivity to light and sound didn't go away for a very long time. In addition to that, your sleep patterns may be disrupted as you probably know.

Yes, seems a little quick. I went back to work part time exactly 3 months after the rupture. Should have waited another month. But everyone is different.

That seems way to fast. Maybe the doctor meant 3 months.

That seems really quick. I was out of work for 3 months after my craniotomy for an un ruptured brain aneurysm. I didn’ t start feeling like myself until about a month after the surgery. I went back to work full time and I was still not 100%. I guess it depends on the location of the brain aneurysm.

Everyone recovers at different rates. As long as the surgery goes well and there were no complications, 3 weeks may be enough. Make sure to ask the doctor if he/she is giving you anti seizure medication after surgery. Mine did not, I had 4 grand-mal seizures 4 days after surgery and was out of commission for several months.

Hi Ernie,
everyone is different, I had 2 ruptures in a 5 week period the first on July 19th 2009 and the second one July 31, 2009. I spent 13 days in the hospital after the first one but only 5 after the second one. The second one literally killed me I woke up on Tuesday 24 hours after the rupture and went home that Friday. I went to work on Monday all be it part time. The best advice I can give you is listen to what your body/brain tells you. You should also thing about cognitive therapy, physical therapy for your brain. Just like any other part of your body after an injury you we old have PT for that. Good luck

That was the plan, when I had surgery. 3-4 days in hospital, two weeks of being at home, and then back to normal activity. It got sidetracked when I had a day of major seizures two days after I got home. But had that not happened, it seemed like a really realistic timeline. I was feeling pretty good! Now, you will still have a healing incision, numb scalp, and some tiredness, but I honestly attribute all the other problems I had to the seizures and the subsequent anti-seizure medication I had to take.

I agree it took me at least 3 months to start doing anything.

It is very quick to me. Mine ruptured so it took much longer. I went back to work after about 7 weeks part time.

You know what? Why don’t you tell them at work that you’ll need to play it by ear? Then, you can let them know after 2 weeks how things seem to be going. Also just to manage everyone’s expectations, why don’t you tell them you’d like to ease back in, starting at just a few hours per day and working back up as you feel stronger. That’s what I did and it was better not to come back full time all at once. Best of luck :slight_smile:

That can be tricky…especially depending upon your employer’s sick leave policies! If you go back to work and find out you really don 't have the stamina or that you are having trouble concentrating or you feel dizzy… And you need to take a couple more weeks or a month…how will that affect your sick leave. Take full advantage of all the sick time that’s coming to you… Be good to yourself.

That seems too soon to me. But, I didn’t leave the hospital for 7 days because of a reaction to the pain meds. I definitely would not have made it back to work full time after 3 weeks. Maybe part time around week 4.

That is too quick…maybe 3 months…thats how long it took me to feel somewhat normal again!

Wicked too quick. you not only had clippings you also had a craniotomy! Not a broken arm! Not to discourage you, but each person is different - it took me 14 months to finally feel like myself again.

Way too quick! I was told 1 night in ICU, total 3-5 days in hospital. Due to complications (which you can never anticipate), it was 4 days ICU, 2 days step-down, 1 week inpatient rehab. I was in no condition to go anywhere or do anything when I got home. Ask about home PT before discharge, to help get you up to speed. Be kind to yourself. There are no prizes for rushing any of this. And it's harder to back off when you find there are things you're struggling with.

Seems too soon to me too. My dr. advised me to have help with my young daughter for six weeks, that it would take that long to be able to resume everything. I definitely felt much more normal after three weeks but by six the fatigue had lessened enough that I was able to care for her on my own again.

My husband was sent back to work 2 months after his ruptured aneurysm. He was in ICU for 3 weeks as he had his annie clipped. He is a mechanic and his job requires heavy lifting, I addressed this to Dr and he gave him 2 weeks light duty. Luckily my husband did well, but we should have requested an additional month.

Ernie, only you know if you will be ready to go back to work, if you feel you aren't ready, just let your Dr. know, only you know how you feel. I agree that maybe Dr. Meant 3 months, 3 weeks is barely enough time to recuperate.

Good Luck

Way too soon, be kind to yourself. You need to heal and the brain does that on it's own time table.

I was told the same thing. I did feel great after 3 weeks & went back to work after 6. It’s waaaaay to soon. My surgery was 16mths ago & I’m still not fully recovered. I wish I had taking a longer time to recover initially bc maybe I’d feel better today. Take your time, just when you think you’re ready … Take a little longer!