Choose surgery or waiting?

Since my surgery has been cancelled, I have decided to get a second opinion. I have also decided that regardless, I would like to wait a few months before having PED.

I have vacation scheduled the end of May, which I refuse to cancel, and have so little PTO left at work, I can not even take 2 full days.

By the end of June, I will have time to take without feeling the stress of "what if something goes wrong and I can't go to work"?

My friend and co workers do not seem to understand that I need this time. I have sought help in beginning a meditation routine, quite smoking, and am actively seeking a new church.

In a few months, I feel I will be mentally, physically, and spiritually renewed and ready.

Has anyone else chosen to what just a bit before having surgery? It seemed like my decisions were made for me and I felt helpless at the lack of control I had over my life for the past 2 mths.

I had no choice to wait Stephanie...infact, Hubby and I had a planned trip to Vegas for my nieces wedding and we were unable to go...however, I think You must do what is right for YOU...really when you make the decision to have is important to be 100% on board...~ Happy Saturday ~ Colleen

I think I'm ready then, I really start to think about it and the anxiety starts all over again:(

Ready for what Stephanie the surgery?

Oh shoot I hate the anxiety for you...I experienced an anxiety attack about 5 years ago while driving my car (1st one ever) Neurologists feel it was all related to the anuerysm in my head...well hell...I still get anxious...nothing like that one...but I know anxiety can make this process that much worse...~ Gotcha in my thoughts ~ colleen

Yes. I think I'm ready to have the PED and then bam, I can't breath , I get lightheaded and my stomach starts acting up.

I think I've read so much about the watch and wait for my type of annie, that I felt like my doctor was making the decisions to fast.

Thanks Sue. He said right now we are doing preventative surgery. I appreciate everyone’s kind words, and prayers. Feeling lost is much easier when you have people to help you out along the way.

Well, that's what all of the surgical procedures are prior to rupture; prevention treatment but did your Dr tell you that you should get this done asap or did he say it was up to you? If he told you the latter, try and let go of this for a bit and go and enjoy your vacation.

Best of luck!

You should watch our webinar on this subject, just posted it at -


I didn't have a choice as I had a rupture, but IF I would have had the chance to wait I might have done so. It sounds like you are being very proactive in preparing yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Good luck to you!!!!

Thanks Sue! I think vacation is exactly what I better way then to let things go and be ready to to a look with fresh eyes:)

Thanks Tera. I really do believe positive thoughts are a key factor in healing.

Excellent advice:)

Hi Stephanie,

I’ve deferred having treatment on my unruptured annies for almost 43 years!

While i don’t suggest that you follow my path either, I wholeheartedly agree with the recommendation given by Paula. Said another way, if your anxiety about having surgery is greater than your anxiety about not having it, please plan to take your vacation first. Enjoy yourself!

May God bless you.