PED Procedure December 4th

Hi everyone, been a while since I have been on here, thought I would let you know I am having my PED for two of my annie's, one behind my left eye and the one behind. At first he wanted to do one every six months if you remember, he is going to do the one behind my eye and then the other behind as long as I am tolerating it o.k. So my questiion is, a lot of you have the coiling and PED, has anyone had just the stint? That is what I am having, My Doc told me that I would stay in the ICU for 24 hours and then go home, miss a couple of weeks of work, that's it!! Is it that simple, I sure hope so. Any thoughts?

I should add, I have four annies total. The other two are on the other side. Hopefully will be stinted in six months.

Hello Brenda !

I remember that your neuro wanted to do one annie every six months--and that didn't sound like a good plan ! So glad he's doing two in one shot on December 4th! How have you been feeling?? are you still experiencing the dizzy spells (etc.) ? sending out nothing but healthy thoughts and healing vibes for a very smoothe surgery with an even smoother recovery..peace, Janet

Hi Brenda...glad you are having these 2 taken care of in December...I was coiled and no stint was best you will only be in ICU for one night...but everyone is different...I was suppose to be in for 3 nights and it turned out to be a 12 day stay...keep it positive...and know you have our prayers...~Colleen

Hi Janet, I am having some anxiety, but I am o.k. Yes with the balance issues. Hoping they go away afterward. I am glad he is doing two also, then the other two in 6 months. Ready to get this behind me. Thank you for the encouragement. Have a greatful day! Brenda

Thanks Colleen, well overnight is the plan, the hospital is 1.5 hours from us, we have a brother in law that lives about 20 from there. I think the plan is to stay there for a couple of days. I am keeping a positive outlook, just that little nagging worry......Brenda

Hi Brenda...this is good ... that you are keeping positive...and that nagging worry is much so...that by December will be ready to get this "show on the road"....~ Colleen