Hello all,
Hope everyone has had a great long week end. My question tonight is chat…
I am not that great with computers, but do now the basic’s so here goes.
I go to members and then chat comes down and i click on it , It will show me who is in chat.
Let’s say there is 4 people in chat, i type a hello to all in the bottom part and get nothing back.
I have tried several times and same thing. I was wondering do you have to have them as a friend where a request has been and excepted in order to chat? I have used chat on one other forum that i have gone to and it is a great support and a great way to get to now others.
Are people not using and just going in and just sitting in chat?

So if someone could please enlighten me if i am doing something wrong i would really appreciate it, and i hope to meet up and chat with others soon.

thanks for your help


Hi Jane this is my thoughts I am not a computer whizz but it seems to me that the chat shows you who has logged in onto the main page I am assuming and just a guess not everyone opens that chat at the bottom of the page… I hope that helps… Have a awesome day