Can't get into chat

I haven’t logged in for a long time. I had to reset my password but now I can’t chat. I’M very confused when i try to email for help it won;t let me

Hi Peggie, I changed a setting for you. Are you able to chat now? Click the tab “Chat” and follow the link there. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Meli from Mod Support

any luck yet Peggie?

I’m in but where is the shout button

I’m in but I can’t find the shout button

Hi Peggy, this is what your screen should look like. The “Shout” button is on the right-hand side:

Do you see something similar?

I was finally able to log on but now I can’t get on to the “Chat” either…What should I do?

Hi Jane, can you explain to me what you have tried?

It looks like I can now get on to the chat page now but how can I tell when someone is online? The old way, you could tell who was on when you were.

Jane, unfortunately the system as it is set up now doesn’t support “who’s online”. I know … it’s a shot in the dark. What I do is I make chat “dates” with people. Kind of ruins the spontaneity, though.
We are looking for a new chat system because we recognize that this one isn’t up to the standard of what we had before. Without corporate sponsorships, we just don’t have those big bucks. But our hearts are in the right place. :heart_eyes:

We have made some changes to “chat” explained here There is a presence feature and no longer a need to hit the “shout button” HOWEVER unless you say hi when you enter chat no one will know you are there.


After months of hearing nothing, I finally was able to sign up to receive emails. But I can’t believe that’s the only activity going on. I don’t understand. It’s much different than before.