Cerebral angiogram

I have had a coiling and stent for cerebral anuerysms in 2004 and 2005. I have had at least 4 angiograms and it had been about 5 yrs since my last one. My neurosurgeon ordered one the other day for me and I went into the hospital to have it. I had reactions this time that I never experienced before and I'm wondering if anyone else ever had the same symptoms during the procedure. I never get the medication that calms you during the angiogram but, this time I had to have pain medication given to me through the IV because of being in the same position and I'm having problems with my shoulder and the notorious problems with the lower back when having to lay flat on my back for so long.

During the angiogram, when the dye was released into the right side I felt like I was passing out and experienced a bit of numbness in my left leg and left arm. When the dye was put into the left side I experienced not only the feeling that I was passing out but also I had pain in my head. All these symptoms went away within about 15 seconds after the dye was administered but, they saw my heart rate go up whenever the dye was put into the left side and I felt that pain. It was the first time I had any of these symptoms during the procedure.

After the angiogram was over I had a headache like I never had before and also nausea. I tried to eat some toast and have some tea but the nausea was to overwelming. After a few hours I got up and walked a little bit and was ready to be released and still was having an extreme headache. I told the nurses I would come back to the emergency room if it didn't change in a few hours. They were very concerned but I thought it would be better to go home and try and recover. When I got up to go into the wheel chair I vomited and felt a little better. I went home and the headache became so bad that by 8pm my friend was ready to bring me to the emergency room. I asked for a cool cloth and 2 tylenol and went into a dark room and within 1/2 hour It started to improve. It was a hard few hours after the test and I was very concerned because I never experienced these side effects before. It's a bit of a long story but I would like to know if anyone else have ever experienced anything like this before? I would appreciate any imput anyone can give me. By the way, they found another aneurysm. I'm not sure where but will be hearing from my neurosurgeon Monday. The radiologist said that it will require a coiling.

Thanks, Dianne

Hi Dianne...Sorry you went through all of this, I have not experienced...however, I am treated ahead of time with steroids and benadryll for allergy ... because I have so many allergies they are afraid for me...however, I must tell you I didn't feel good for one week from the dye....not the same reaction as you...but I felt bloated all over, my face very red...and just felt like I had a virus....but then I ended with a bleed...so sometimes I am not sure what is causing what...? I will tell you I found myself to have a headache for 2 weeks straight, not as bad as you, but definitely headache pain...

Be sure to keep telling your Doctors what happened to you...so that this can be avoided in future angios...

How big is the new annie and where is it located...? Sorry about another one...seems all of us don't just get one...Huh?...Keep the Faith...and know you have my prayers...Hugs colleen

I have no idea how big the new aneurysm is or where it’s located. I’ll hear from my neurosurgeon on Monday. The radiologist came out after the angio and told me there is a new one and it looks like it’s going to need action. So I’ll see tomorrow. I was just very concerned on everything that ocurred during and after my angio this time. As I said, It never happened before. I will definitely let the drs. know what had happened. Thanks for your support Colleen. Dianne