Headaches after Cerebral angiogram

I just had cerebral angiogram, thank God they only found one. Before my procedure I started bad headaches then after the procedure it was a worse headaches. Does anybody experience headaches after cerebral angiogram?

ive only had 2, one was at the time of the rupture n already had the headache from hell..excuse my french..lol..then the dr did my coiling..6 mo later i had a follow up angiogram n was painless...

from wat u said they went in to locate the anny? if so i would talk to the dr to see if its leaking, that causes excrutiating pain, hit me with a truck pain..horrible..talk to the dr n find out why its hurting worse than prior to them performing the angy..good luck hunny..

Thanks:)!!! I called my doctor and told me to take some pain reliever. Now I’m fine still recovering from the procedure. I will have another test CTA next month before they will make decision what treatment suitable for me.

I’ve had a couple of CTA’s and 1 angiogram. I seem to remember they mentioned headaches from the stuff the shoot into ya. They told me to drink lots of water (after I got done being a mummy on the table for 2-3 hours!) Hope your headaches calm down soon. Mitch

I've had several angios diagnostic/treatment (5-6) angios and only the first one was painless. I have been treated both completely under anesthesia and sedated. I usually suffer with headaches for about a week post.. but Tylenol seems to work ok to keep it at bay. Be sure to talk to your doctor/team and make sure they listen to you. You know better than anyone how you feel and what is right for you. Good Luck and hope you feel better soon. Drinking lots of fluid will help to flush out contrast which may be bothering your system.

I had slight headaches after the angiogram. I used ibuprofen for them until 7 days prior to the surgery, when I was put on Plavix and aspirin. They will get better shortly.


Yes I too had. Headache, for me I think it was from the prep I msut do because of allergy to dye…then the dye and the sedative…it’s a lot of dye and a lot of radiation…rest and get well
Healing thoughts your way Colleen

Thanks everyone for the info. I still have little headaches after angiogram and soreness at my right neck and discomfort. I called my doctor and they told me to take some advil or any pain reliever. Next week I wii have CTA and I am worried again about headaches:( thank you for all the support:)!!!