Cerebral angiogram

I am due to have a cerebral angiogram in the next few weeks and I am terrified as I have have quite a few allergies (including shellfish). I am looking for POSITIVE experiences of cerebral angiograms - can anyone help. Thankyou x

Hi ... not only am I allergic to shellfish...I am allergic to a long list of antibiotics...I let all my Doctors know this and they make special preparations for your cerebral angiogram...which include predisone and beneadryll taken before the procedure...all went well...it is important to communicate your allergies, this is getting more common and medically people can take care of and make it a positive experience...

Good Luck...wishing you the best...Colleen

IMO angios are a peice of cake. All of mine went ho-hum what was I scared of. In fact they are boring! They are so boring that I don't remember a lot from the numerous I had done!

One thing I do remember is them warning me that I might see some pretty flashes of light if my eyes were closed when they pushed the dye. It was in fact spectacular but apparently the show does not occur for everyone.

Let the highly trained medical people be aware of your allergies and relax.

Long story short - I have had nothing but positive experience from angios and being terrified is simply not a prerequisite for a relatively simple procedure.


I am also allergic to crab (not all shellfish) and was prescibed 3 pills (yes, 3) to take before CTAs... not angio which are even stronger... CALL them and ask...it was prescription; and, only needed those in some time frame before...Definitely, be sure to list any/all allergies... I have lots of med allergies...

Oh...I just read the others...they have the names!


Jo, I don’t have allergies, but I can tell you that I have had an angio at least once per year for the last 13 years and I have had no problems other than some nausea for the first few hours after while the sedative wears off. I wish you all the best. It’s okay to be nervous about it, but try to stay positive in your thinking. It has helped me a great deal over the years to just latch on to something positive and hold on for the ride.

Thank you for your replies - I have started to calm down now and feel much more positive, so thank you for taking the time to reply. Wishing all the very best. Jo x

Jo, be sure you tell the medical staff/ordering physician before showing up for the appointment. They can make adjustments, but like any of us, they do better when given a heads up.


had my 1st angio 6 mo post coiling angio and it went by very smoothly...dr was very informative in talking to me thru the procedure and i had a nurse by my side(near my head)talking to me as well ,in case i had any ?s while it was going on..was in recovery about an hr afterwards and went home,had some lunch n rested...i know urs will be just fine,,dont be worried..love-n-prayers coming ur way;)

Hi Jo, I have had atleast a half dozen or more and they are definately not that bad. The anticipation is the worst part. I would say no pain, not even discomfort for me. Just the anticipation and the long day from getting up early to get to the hospital and then having to stay for 2 to 6 hours after (depends). Really, non-eventful. Take a few deep breaths it will be ok and the staff is always so nice and caring and supportive. Good luck, it will be behind you soon! PS I am the biggest chicken in the world-seriously.

I had an angiogram after being diagnosed with an unruptured annie and it was no big deal. They knocked me out just as they do for a colonoscophy. Other than a long day, that was it. Good luck to you.

Thanks again for all your positive feedback - really appreciate your support. I have it booked for 22/3 - they don’t knock you out but they will offer a med to calm you down!! Hope you are all well and thanks again.

Thanks Michelle for your lovely message :slight_smile: x

I had an angio last year, and it was super easy! I was very nervous, but couldn’t believe how painless the procedure was. You will feel coolness and warm feeling in your brain and places throughout your body, but that is the extent of it. The hardest part for me was laying still for several hours after the procedure!