Cerebral angiogram coming up

Oct20, that was a great summary! I’ve only had 1 and through the groin. The one thing I’d like to add is the dr touched something that made me dizzy, he did tell me beforehand it might. I almost wanted to get ill but I hung in there. Otherwise no problems with the procedure.


I had mine done though the wrist and it hurts for a while. I would rather it be done that way. I also didn’t have to rest for four hours they just want you to take it easy for that long. I was nervous the first time i got it done but was really nothing to worry about. If you trust you doc then you will be fine. Try not to sync yourself out about it i know easier said than done. Sending you good vibes.


It hurt for a while afterwards? Or during the procedure?

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Where at? What kind of pain? Im sorry to hear you had any pain at all. :pensive:

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I always have headaches and they are all over my head. I wish they would go away but i don’t think they will. I go see a headache doc on August. I just hope he can find something out. I go see my regular doc on the 15th for the pain in my legs. U hope everything goes great for you.

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I get very queasy and pass out from IV’s that don’t go well, or blood etc. So for my 6 month angio I asked them to have me as close to fully out as they could. They did that, and ‘woke’ me up when they needed me to be still for the images and then I was out again until they were fully done. I was happy with that plan since for the few minutes I was awake my arm ached, and I know I would have been very panicky if I had been aware during the snaking up my arm. My first angio was the day of my coiling so I was fully under. It was a pretty easy recovery afterwards. So I vote for asking for what you need, and if you want to be almost out, they can probably accommodate you.

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Sam, Hope everything goes well for you! I think @Johnnak was asking about the pain you said you had when they went through the wrist for your follow up angiogram.

@Johnnak Remember everyone has different pain tolerance levels. My tolerance to pain is abnormally high. The pain scale medical folks use makes me laugh and I tell them based on my rupture I’d give it a (insert number). They say it’s based on the patient’s pain. After I ruptured I would give them a 7 for everything as I apparently was hooked on it. One time when Mom was in Cardio ICU. My mom who had just about 0 tolerance to pain was asked to give her number, she complied and then the RNs wanted to argue about it with her since she’d had 4 kids. I looked at them and asked if they knew I was her youngest child at age 55. How she was supposed to remember that level of pain decades later, I will never know. I asked them were they biased and what the deal was with even bothering to ask her if they were going to diminish her answer. I think it’s best to know our personal tolerance to pain. Do you have a high or low pain tolerance?

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I would say its medium. I can tolorate a lot but certain pains i cant. Im thinking ill be okay, just nerves are getting to me. New experiences cause me to be super anxious. Once ive dont it before, its not that bad. I know inhave a high tolerance for pain meds. I remember my first csection they had to put me out because the epidural they gave me wore off during the surgery and i could feel the burning on the incision they made.

It’s important that you tell the staff how you feel during the procedure. It is neccesary for the doctor that you are perfectly still on the table. I am sure that you will get more medication if needed. I am sure that it’s more the anxiety that bothers you than anything else.
You will be fine.