Can she hear me?

My grandmother had a giant brain aneurysm that ruptured on monday and has been in a comatose state ever since. We talk to her and try to get reactions but not much happens. All im wondering is if she actually can hear us. Has anyone had this happen and then had the person recover and say they remember hearing their family talk to them?

I was in a coma and I think she can hear you maybe not ever word, with me I could remember bits of it. not much. Keep talking to her and don’t give up on her. my family took a lot of pictures of me and them and it help me a lot when I came back and didn’t know what happen, so they show me a few pictures at a time. every little word every picture helps. I will sayy a prayer for your grandmother. Take care hope and pray for both of you.

I lost my Dad in October. Not due to an aneurysm. I talked to him when he was not concious or responsive. Heck I talked to him just after he passed away and told him to say hi to my Mother for me. Not to say that is what is in store for your Grandmother but talk away. Tell her you love her. Tell her what ever comes to your mind. I don’t think medical scence has a clue what our hearts or souls can hear.


It is a grim prospect your family is facing. If I were in the same position, I would continue talking to her. It helps you in a strange way, and I firmly believe she can hear you. Keep in mind that communication is not verbal but also sensual, so hold her hand, stroke her hair, whatever will reassure her. If she has some favorite music or TV show, it may also comfort her by providing something familar. God Bless!!

Hi Sweetie…I am sorry about your grandma…the Doctors induced a coma for me after my surgery…and I must tell you I remember nothing…it is almost as if those days disappeared…I do believe though somewhere in the subconcious I heard my hubby say, “I need you…”…so I say…keep on talking to her…somewhere … somehow she hears it…her brain is healing…God Bless her and all of you…keep us posted on her progress…gotcha in my thoughts and prayers…Colleen

She is going to have another procedure done Monday morning to try and remove some of the blood clots from her brain. She currently has 2 drains in her brain, but one of them isn’t working as well as it should, so once some of the clotting is out it should work how it is supposed to. After that is when we’ve been told that we should see the most progress. Hopefully things will get better after the surgery monday.

I will say a prayer for your grand mother

I am very sad to say that my grandma passed away yesterday. She was a wonderful woman and we will all truely miss her.

God Bless you and your Family. Please accept my condolences. My Dad passed away 5 months today. He found a way to ease my pain during our services for him and it was truly unique and personal to the many stories he related to me over the years. Watch and listen closely and I’m sure your Grandmother will find a way to help you through this tough time too!


I am so sorry sweetie...God Bless you and your family on her passing...she has a wonderful granddaughter...and she will be your angel watching over you always...

Remember the good memories and cherish them always...

Cyber~prayers going out to you ...Colleen

Brittany - So sorry to hear of your loss. Grandma is in a good place now and I bet she would want you to keep your chin up and live life to the fullest.


I’m very sorry. As I said before I’m sure she knows you were there and that you love her. Death can’t change that.

I think they can hear you till they have crossed over. At what time that is? I am not sure, but if she is breathing on her own, or has any ability to BE on her own, not life support so to speak, she can hear you. How lucky you are to have this opportunity to say what you need to say! give her all your best, I see it has been a coupl of days, take care and hope she is still with us! Blessings!