Has my aneurysm disappeared?

I had my follow up CT scan with contrast today and when I received the results it said, no identifiable PCOM aneurysm seen, it suggested having a MRA. Do aneurysms just disappear? Any information would be appreciated. Not seeing my doctor until mid march.

Wow Melissa!!

I don't know if they disappear but if it has it would be wonderful!!!

Praying that the CT scan was correct!

Hi Melissa...I don't know if they can just disappear...I am anxious to hear what your Doctor tells you in March...

Cyber~thoughts Colleen

Hi Jim, the last three tests picked it up. But I had angiograms & MRI. I am thinking this test I just had wasn’t detailed enough. I will let you all know what my doctor says.


My annie is gone, completely occluded, but I had the PED about 8 months ago, and that it what it is supposed to to! The best words I heard in my life were "your aneurysm is gone!". I see you had a clipping and I'm not sure about what happens after that, but please keep us posted, I'm curious as to what your doctor says!

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Just an update for those who are interested. I have attended my doctors appointment and he is now sending me for an MRI, if the aneurysm is still not detected, I will then be sent for a Angiogram. He said it is very rare for one to disappear but it can happen, fingers crossed.

Hi Melissa ... glad for the update, and glad that the Doctor is following up with more tests...better to be safe then sorry...Gotcha in my Thoughts...~ Colleen

Hi Melissa_Bailey - Did you get any updates from this?

Hope you’re well :slight_smile: