Can a small brain aneurysm disappear?

I was diagnosed with 2 aneurysms in 2011. The larger one being 8 mm was coiled and stented successfully. They opted to leave the smaller 2mm alone and monitor it. I recently had my annual MRI and this time they imaged the area where the 2mm annie is located (in the upper region - pericallosol (spell?) area). I saw my doctor today, who informed me that the aneurysm has disappeared? Has anybody else out there experienced this?

Chris, what good new! apparently there is a phenomenon of having an aneurysm disappear. I’ve linked to this before But I know it can be frustrating to search. You may want to look at the different research it cites.

I would imagine your doctor will look again to make sure it’s gone next year.

I have not but I hope that happens to me! I have one they have been watching that is 2-3 mm. I also had two for which a pipeline was inserted. I am glad for you!

Sorry to bring back an old thread, but Chris, what happened with this? Did the Aneurysm vanish? I’d love to hear what happened. Hope you’re well :slight_smile: