Buster's Amazin' Brain!

I went to the hopsital on Monday, July 25th. Buster had started to move his hands more freely and his left leg. The respitory therapist told us that Buster was breathing eight hours on his own and eight hours on the machine. They thought he would be ready to be taken off the trach sometime the next day. The physical therapists were also having him sit in a chair at least two hours a day. All good news....

But nothing prepared me for the overwhelming, 'pee in your pants' joy I felt when Buster's mom called me on Wednesday and told me that the tube was out, trach was plugged, and Buster was talking!! I was excited yet upset that I wasn't going to get to see him until Thursday evening when I got outta work. When I arrived at the hospital yesterday, I saw a completely different person. i walked in the room and he had his left leg, (that was barely moving on Monday) slung to one side, watching tv....just like he was sitting on his couch. He looked up at me and waved. He looked so great!! I got to talk to him for a while. I asked him so many questions. He let me know that he wasn't angry or upset....just tired, bored, and ready to be outta the hospital. I let him know that I've been visiting as much as I can and that I'm so thankful that he's still here. When I cried, he smiled at me and squeezed my hand harder :) I told him a lot of jokes and he smiled and laughed with me.

Buster is a mechanic so his dad brought in nuts and bolts and some tools. Buster worked them all perfectly. He opens all his mail himself, reads it, and puts it back in the envelope. He also plays solitaire on the laptop and surfs the web. I can't believe how much changed in just three days!!!

Buster still isn't moving his right leg much, but the doctors say it WILL happen. He also seems to have a short attention span right now. Buster got a new kitten about a month before his rupture. I told him that Zombie Killer (the kitten) was staying with my brother, but could come back home once he was feeling better. He didn't seem to understand any of this. He did however, remember his other cat that he's had for about three years. This makes me wonder if there is some memory loss. Oh well, that's nothin' compared to the giant mountains he's conquered this week!!

Wonderful news. I’m so happy for you. Keep being positive.

Tara, remarkable news! It may take time for memory and comprehension. I am so happy for you, Buster and his family. Shelly. :slight_smile:

This is great Tara! and you’re just gonna keep seeing this stuff more often,after the worst happens,everything gets sorted out and it just forward steps! i’m really happy for you and Buster…

Hi Tara, good to hear the great news on Buster. You guys are in our prayers. God bless you always, Albert

Wonderful...Buster is doing great...but still has a long road and his brain will need lots of rest...

I am so happy for all of you...Cyber~hugs Colleen