Buster Updates

Well, after many sleepless nights and drives to Pittsburgh, Buster has been moved to a pulmonary rehabilitation facility in Beaver, PA. He will be there until they ween him off of the vent. After that, we will be at a very reputable rehab facility in Sewickley, PA.

Over the past few weeks, Buster has battled MRSA, a spiking fever, and blood clots.....and has come out with guns blazing. He's such a fighter. The doctors painted such a gray picture at first...I tried so hard to prepare myself for a funeral. Now I feel like a new person. A person that celebrates every hand squeeze and every toe wiggle.

Buster is very alert. He makes eye contact but doesn't maintain it for very long. He moves both arms, all fingers, his left foot, and his neck from side to side. He also makes it pretty evident when he is in dire need of some chapstick :) Such an amazing improvement. It's hard to believe that 2 weeks ago I was looking at a coma patient. I know that he is aware of much that goes on around him. I see it in his face. It breaks my heart to know that he is unable to voice or demonstrate what he feels and thinks. I try to reassure him that what he is experiencing is normal and although he may be frustrated by his current condition, he must give his body time to heal. He still has a small surgery ahead of him (they need to replace his bilateral bone flap) and a lot of rehab, but I continually promise him that I will be there every step of the way.

It's hard to put into words the gratitude I feel every day that he makes even the smallest improvement. I also can't express what the kind words and correspondence via this forum have meant to me over these last 4 weeks. Every single one of you have contributed to the emotional muscle I have been able to build. This site has become my lifeline.

I do have one question for all of you survivors: What was the first thing you remember? Is it clear or fuzzy? What were you able to register or digest? Is there even much that you remember after first waking up?.....I'm just trying to figure out how to relate or communicate with him.

Again, thank all of you so much!! I think of you all so, so very often :)


Glad to hear you folks are making progress. Just keep watching the miracle of the brain healing itself and reconnecting all the dots.

As for my wife, her first few weeks were all a blur and she really dosen't have much recall of the events and those that she does recall are really skewed. Thankfully I was there much of the time so her memory crutch is my memory. That will be your calling and challenge going forward. Be well!

Thank~you so much for the update on Buster...remember what we all said...small baby steps are good...he is a fighter and you are a wonderful friend...he has much to fight for...how blessed....

The Doctors induced a coma with me...and when I woke...the first thing I remember was my hubby looking at me with tears in his eyes and then looking at my feet wondering whose feet they were...I have thin calves, ankles and feet and they were so big and bloated and white...I wondered who was in bed with me...hahahaha...I laugh now...

Keep the Faith...and know I keep Buster and everyone at BAF close to my prayers...big hugs colleen


It depends on what parts/ areas of the brain have been damaged,,,, different areas have different jobs to do ! If you can get reports research what is on the reports on the internet ,,, its confusing at first but the drs will help you,,,and the nursing staff also,,, I looked up every term and brain part effected when I got my angios ,,, and questioned the drs and nurses alll the time ,,, over everything!!!!!!!!! The never once were annoyed with me ,,, Best of luck and love to you both !!!!!

Hugggsss and Prayersss!!!!! The very first thing I remember,, I was sleeping in ICU and the surgeon whispered in my ear and told me ,,," Julie ,,, you are our miracle patient!!!!! The surgery only took 4 hours and I did it endovascularly,,,, didn't do a craniotomy, you were not a good candidate for that clipping ,, way too risky ! You will need more coils later becauses I did not want to put in too many ,,, I did not want to hurt you,,, you rest and I wil see you in afew hours..." I smiled,,, though Thank-you God and said, thank you to my neurosurgeon,,, then went back to sleep,,, Julie in Delaware

Tara, So happy to hear the news! I have been checking in hoping to have an update from you. I have no memory of my first few weeks. I was not in a coma but my short term memory was messed up. My husband told me i would keep asking the same question over and over. As the days went on he saw small improvements. I remember about 2 1/2 weeks afer the rupture bits and pieces of visits and conversations with people. I remember being really mad that I survived and was in a wheel chair and was told that I would recover 100% but it would just take time. I do rely on my family to fill in the blanks. Also my husband knew my medical history because there were things i couldnt answer because of no memory.


Praying for you and Buster. Be strong!


Sooooooo pleased to hear of Busters improvements, keep, strong and positive with the knowledge that all your, faith, love and patience are so much a part of his amazing recovery. God bless you both


most distinct memory was being able to drink a cup of coffee…the smell was heavenly…and seeing my family …my daughter althea who stayed w/me at the hospital the 1st two nites i was admitted,…so grateful…i think hearing her voice, even tho i dont remember made me fight even harder to live…my son caleb who is my baby…hes my big baby, 16 n 6ft…and my husband of 24 yrs…my rock…he always reassured me i would be just fine and God wouldnt take me from them…and last but not least my mother,nancy carolyn, who refused to lose her daughter…i am her 43 yr old baby…everyone n everything…the great Lord above plays a role n the recovery of a anny survivor…Buster is a very lucky guy to have you by his side…encouraging him…let him know he has others who r praying for his continued recovery n look forward to hearing from him…giving others hope that you can persevere…hugs n prayers coming yalls way…God bless

My husband had his SHA in April of this year and does not remeber ICU at all (12 days) or 2 weeks in first rehab floor. He lost about a month but I talked to him the whole time filling him in watching TV ect… so he was informed. He still doesn’t remember and I think the brain is an awesome tool to block out anything not up to par!