I passed out Mother’s Day morn, while getting ready for work with a ruptured brain aneurysm. 2 months later I can remember from then on. I am very fatigued, tired my hot flashes are killing me, they recommended not using the pre pro I was on, I have totally quit smoking, will I ever feel normal? It’s been a little over 3 months since, I still have issues getting up and down, stairs and dizziness. Any thoughts?

Hi Katm,

With not having the PremPro , having to quit smoking, menopause symptoms combined with a ruptured aneurysm can and will mess with your system a LOT . I'm sorry you're having to go thru all this (They won't give me Premarin (although you can bet i've not only needed it but begged for it-)-as at age 36, my 1st aneurysm hit me and four months later I wound up in the hospital where my only functioning ovary was removed--slammed me into the world of menopause over night-- and the doctors reactions were exactly like your doctors reaction. I understand completely ! Its a long journey Katm, peace to you as you wind your way thru it. Janet

Hi ... I am so sorry you are going through all of this at the same time, but this journey is long and you are still early in the healing...many of us, really didn't know our "new normal" for almost one year...patience and rest...

~ wishing you a little better day today ~ Colleen

Thank you!

Hi Kat,

I am so sorry you have gone through all of this. It takes time for us to heal after a surgery and I am still waiting to see what my "new reality" is going to be. My surgery was Sept. 17, 2012. This journey has been crazy at times, but being on BAF has helped tremendously. I haven't gone through menopause yet, but should be soon, I think, I just turned 49. I still get dizzy especially looking to the right when I walk. and going downstairs makes me quite nervous. I pray that the rest of your recovery goes very well and that you feel very comfortable asking as many questions that you want. We are here for you.

God Bless,

~ Carol

Thanks for your kind words! I get dizzy, and have the same issue with stairs. Wow, you had your surgery almost a year ago. God bless you, and all the folks that have sent me messages.

It takes a long time to start feeling better after such trauma…go at your own pace…rest and relax as much as you can and don’t let anyone’s expectations make you feel bad. I am facing my second surgery tmrw…not as bad since this one hasn’t ruptured…I assure you, I will go at my own pace this time around…I hope you feel better soon…

Good luck, I will keep you in my prayers.

hi katm! I was ruptured 4 years ago, I was a level 5 -their worse grade and in a coma 6 days, we are all different in recovery, some bounce right back miraculously while others like my self have plateaued, Its exhausting to say the least but I get encouraged by the wonderful people here. Keep the hope and faith alive, don't give up- it will get better but sooo slowly you won't notice, You are on the right track- keep on keeping on, eat well and drink plenty fluids, congratulations on quiting smoking- the awful craving will get a hair less with every passing day, Exercise even when you don't feel like it and try brain exercises, lumosity. com is good but not cheap, I couldn't see well enough to do the training but they refunded my money, take care , Keeping you in thoughts and prayers for great improvement, Dizzy can be inner ear infection like I had, maybe time for a check up?

Thanks Ron, yesterday visited my old job, and the drs and nurses at the hospital, they were amazed at my progress after seeing what I went through. Not a dry eye in the house, it was truly wonderful. We saw one of the surgeons at the elevator, he did not recognize me standing up! He reminded me to keep my follow up appt. next month, I told him how my insurance is over, he told me to contact the one financial advisor, because they don’t worry about things like money- I am a person they want to keep going! I get teary just thinking about him. What a great hospital I ended up in, and great drs. &nurses. How are you doing?


That is truly AWESOME.

Hi Katm,
Keep the faith that everything will continue to go well. I’m almost at my six month mark and only just starting to beat the exhaustion! Sometimes I feel a bit wobbly on my feet as well but that too is improving. Kudos for stopping smoking! That definitely will help although I have never smoked but I do hear that your blood pressure will improve and that’s very important to keep under control. I wasn’t confident driving but only this week regained my composure and confidence to go out on my own. It’s very hard to rely on others when one is used to being totally independent! My advice is to rest as much as you can and have positive thoughts! Being on this forum helps greatly!

Hope today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will bring you even greater strength … take one day at a time and you’ll be conquering this journey like so many others here! ~ Anna

Hi Louise,
By the time you read this, thankfully you will have had your second successful surgery! Keep us updated and remember, no bending, lifting and take lots of rest over the next few days. Prayers for a speedy recovery!

~ Anna

Can anyone tell me, I had my surgery on the back of my head, any chance my hair will grow back? I just had plastic surgery performed, and forgot to ask the plastic surgeon. Attached is the latest photo.
336-image.jpg (652 KB)