Brain Cancer and Brain Aneurysms

I had brain cancer surgery in 2008. It is an oligoastrocytoma with astrocytomic predominance. We have been watching this on a regular basis; due to its high recurrence rate. Does anyone have brain cancer and brain aneurysms? The doctors say they do not have anything to do with one another. On March 23, I am going to have a large brain aneurysm surgery using the PED. Does anyone have brain cancer and an aneurysm?

HI Chris...Just wanted to let you know...I donot have brain cancer, only brain aneurysm's...

Cyber~prayers your way...Colleen

Colleen, Thank you for the response. Perhaps I will hear from others. Have a good day. Peace, prayers, and love to you. I plan to bring this new group of people with brain aneurysms into my daily prayers as well.

Hi Chris,

I also have not had brain cancer. I hope your PED procedure goes well. I send positive vibes your way on the 23rd, and keep you in my prayers.


Hi Chris,

I'm not aware of a link between the two.

May God bless you with a successful surgery and a full and complete recovery.



None that I know of; sounds like you have had great cancer surgery / monitoring. Overall, sounds like you will again be blessed with PED...there is a Pipeline group here who I know will give you positive info on that.

Prayers for your success and contineud healing.