Bruce's story

I think my Aneurysm is in the circle of wills. I am very sensitive to light, tiered ect. My Dr said to get my final affairs in order 4/2 . I've had cancerous Ependymoma ,radiation 33years ago. In 2010 same symptoms and vision seizures. The surgery took out a blood mass and scar tissue 1.3cm now was 1.8cm.. 15 days later I had a grand maul seizure , and lumbar puncture. Since then I've had several small seizures, hearing loss left ear, tinnitus, headaches, left leg pain and have not been able to take on employment. I do get SSD and I just started getting medicare insurance.

h Bruce! Welcome glad your here- you'll find great help and support ,i am similar to you with tons of medical iissues past and present and i'm on medicare also. Will keep you in thoughts and prayers-take care****

Hi ron, thank you for your encouragement and prayers.

Hi Irean , I need to be patient and enjoy day in His time. Thank you.

Hi Bruce...You have my prayers esp for the upcoming surgery...~ God Bless...~ Colleen

Hi Bruce,

I am praying that things work out well for you I am so sorry that you must endure all this. Things are tough and we all need prayers

Bruce, welcome...

Prayers for your upcoming surgery and continued healing...


Hi Bruce,

I am praying for you as well. I do believe that with positive thought and prayers anything can be healed.


Thank you for your concern and prayers. I will also pray for you and children Jay and Ally though this surgery and following.

Hi Colleen I had my surgery 10 20 2010 doc said too many leakers to fix. Two Weeks latter it ruptured or grand maul seizure, Unconsience I woke up in hospital, with problems insurance. money running out, now taking keppra , Neurontin, I am very light sensitive, seizures, headaches, ext. I get medicare 4/1/2013 went to doctor, He said aneurysm, time short, He is a good brother, known 35 years. Thank you for your prayers .

Thanks so muc