Brain Bypass Surgery?

Does anyone know of anyone who has gone through brain bypass surgery. My neurosurgeon is recommending this for my complex aneurysm, which is a fusiform aneurysm on both sides of my left internal carotid artery. 3 Neurosurgeons at Harper University Hospital (Detroit) consulted on this and feel this would be the best path of treatment. This would involve opening up a bypass from the artery that supplies bloodflow to my scalp (a rich artery) in order to close off the artery with the aneurysm, and redirect the blood supply to my brain, and prevent me from having a stroke. Can anyone tell me about any experience you my know of involving this delicate operation? I would be so grateful to hear your feedback.

I had this operation on Aug. 30th and it did not work for me as the doctors thought it would. Now I have to go back and they will re-open the incision on my head and also cut my neck this time too, and take a vessel out of my arm in hopes of putting it in to be able to have enough blood flow if they clip or coil the aneurysm. The bypass did not allow enough blood to flow to make the aneurysm shrink. When they tried to coil it after the surgery during angiogram they lost me, I was un responsive and they said I had a light stroke, so now I have to wait until Jan 7th of 2011 and go back and try it all again. After having the surgery I have some problems with memory and confusion and trouble with eye sight in my left eye. I can not drive, bend, lift more than 10 pounds push or pull. I am not trying to tell you this to scare you, I am just letting you know what has happened to me and I had a world renowned doctor who did my surgery in Little Rock, Arkansas and he is a wonderful doctor. If you look at my pictures you will see my aneurysm that they sent to my cell phone. You may be totally different and I wish you the best of luck and I will pray for you.

Thank you so much for your reply Rosa. After praying about this, and researching, getting opinions from 5 neurosurgeons, I have decided against it. God Bless your heart…I will pray for you also. I am so sorry this didn’t work for you. They told me the risks of a stroke during surgery, and I had been to see the Cleveland Clinic Neurosurgeon prior, who told me that he thought the Hunterian proximal arterial occlusion was the best path of treatment for me. Since I can’t have it done there (because insurance won’t allow), I will have to find a neurosurgeon here who can perform this procedure. If I were you, I would get a second opinion before letting them open your head up and trying that again. I know that you trust that doctor, but my aunt was the same way about her doctor and after her first brain bleed, he went back in and she didn’t make it. I don’t want to frighten you, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GET ANOTHER OPINION from a different doctor in a different health group–PLEASE. God Bless you and lead you to get the right treatment to fix this. In Christ.