Brain Bypass Surgery Anyone?

Has anyone had, or know of anyone who has gone through brain bypass surgery. My neurosurgeon is recommending this for my complex aneurysm, which is a fusiform aneurysm on both sides of my left internal carotid artery. 3 Neurosurgeons at Harper University Hospital (Detroit) consulted on this and feel this would be the best path of treatment. This would involve opening up a bypass from the artery that supplies bloodflow to my scalp (a rich artery) in order to close off the artery with the aneurysm, and redirect the blood supply to my brain, and prevent me from having a stroke. Can anyone tell me about any experience you my know of involving this delicate operation? I would be so grateful to hear your feedback.

Hello u didnt leave ur name? I underwent brain surgery in February 2009, I had a total of 6 anuresyms and my surgeon has managed to occlude 3 of them I am unfortunatly still left with 3 untreated ones. My surgeon totally occluded my left carotid artery and brought the blood supply over from the right side of my brain. I was kept in HDU on very high levels of neurodrenalin to try and aid the blood flow, my operation was lenghthy in fact it lasted 9.5 hours, when is ur operation scheduled for? If there is anything specific I can help u with please dont hesitate to ask me and I`ll answer u as honestly as i can.
Love Jackie x

Im sorry Jackie, my name is Audrey. What is the recovery time for this type of surgery.

Hello again Audrey,
Everyone is totally different and Ur neuorologist should have told u this, My recobvery is still ongoing after 18 months, I suffered with Fatigue, and terrible loss of confidence in all aspects of my life, its very hard to describe how it leaves u feeling, I also had personality changes, anger n bitterness, my loved ones have been so very patient with me and i am finally now coming back to normality. It takes time Audrey and u must be prepared for that, dont try and run before u can walk. Please keep intouch and let me know how u are feeling, u are bound to feel scared and apprehensive I know i was. If u smoke try and give them up it will be much better recovery withput them, I managed to give them up. What has your neuroliogist told you? Jackie xx

Dear Jackie, I am so sorry you gone through so much on your road to recovery. My neurosurgeon is not the same surgeon that would be performing the surgery. I have an appointment with him on Thursday. My neurologist explained what would be involved in the bypass procedure. That they would do the bypass in preparation of closing the artery. Since it is a fusiform aneurysm (cloverleaf) with a wide neck, that bulges around my left internal carotid artery, they would have to clip upstream of the aneurysm and close it on the front end at the neck of it. I AM very apprehensive, as I have gone to 6 neurosurgeons to date, to try to get this resolved. I so appreciate you offering your own personal experience with this. It is such a blessing to be able to get this type of feedback. And I’m so happy to hear you finally coming back to normal. I pray for your complete healing: physical, emotional, and spiritual upliftment, and that the Lord will mend you, and make you whole again; better than new. God Bless you Jackie. Thank you so much for sharing. --Audrey

Hello Audrey
Its only natural that u feel apprehensive anyone would be!!! Please do not let my case influence u too much as I was told that most people do get through this surgery without any complications at all…However I was not that fortunate, but having said that I was fortunate in a way because ive finally got there…haha!!! Hard work and commitment from my family but hey Ive done it!!! And u will too my dear friend, Please keep intouch I really want to know how things are with u, Are u married??? Children??? I will pray for ur speedy recovery and please go into this with an open mind, the medics are amazing people.
Lots of Love Jackie xxxx