Brain Aneurysm Support Group--program suggestions

I am a Neurosurgery Nurse Practitioner, and facilitate a BA support group, and have been meeting for 2 years. I would appreciate any suggestions for speakers, topics etc for the meetings ( I am running out of ideas!!).

Topics/Speakers we have had thus far:




Company rep--coil and clips

Massage therapist--relaxation techniques for patients and caregivers

"Movie Night"--watched and discussed case studies

We've separated into 2 groups: patients and caregivers

Q&A with our own neurosurgeons

"Open forum"

Rehab staff

Any feedback, ideas, etc would be greatly appreciated, as I said I am running out of ideas.


hi Connie! maybe look at our archived webinars for topic ideas? Good luck!

How a about life after the surgery? When everyone thinks in our 3d world it is over, but it's is often a journey through life...acceptance etc.,

Thank You Ron, great idea!! I have been scrolling through the archives.

Thank You Colleen, you "hit the nail on the head"....LIFE (not "just" recovery) after treatment is a journey. Appreciate your feedback!