Brain aneurysm and thyroid Cancer

Hi I have two aneurysms one clipped and one baby annie that is being monitored. Now I just received a diagnosed with thyroid Cancer and I’m getting a thyroidectomy, But now my endocrinologist neurologist and surgeon are going to discuss on how this can affect your aneurysms
I have been really scared not only for the big C word but as well as a big stress in regards to this surgery and life time of meds that can affect my annies. Please if anyone has any insight or opinion please feel free to share with me…

Hi Jeannette,

I am new here as I will be going for my first and hopefully only clipping in a couple months. I don't have any insight or similiar experience to share, but felt the need to tell you that I will wish for positive and painless future for you. I hope things will get better


Welcome Kim
That was so sweet thank you so very much, and I pray for you and the clipping surgery. I had one of my aneurysms coiled which was 7mm and since then they found another one which is about 3mm so they are monitoring it to make sure it doesn’t rupture or grow. When you go in for the clipping stay strong and think positive. That helps me everyday and everyday I give thanks to the Lord above first and for most. I hope all turns out ok for you and I will keep you in my prayers always.

You and I are opposites. I had my thyroidectomy 20 years ago this September. I’m 42. Then they told me the nodule was on the small side so we could wait and watch. I was told a person can live just fine with only half of the thyroid gland so I decided to take out the half. They said it looked fine not cancerous. Pathology came back cancerous and one week later I had the other half out. Now I’ve been told I have an aneurysm. It’s on the small side I suppose. 2.5mm my fam doc doesn’t know much therefore couldn’t tell me much. So when I do see the neuro doc I’m not a big fan of the wait and watch approach. I simply want to know what I have to deal with and have it taken care of the best possible way. I wish you best of luck with your thyroid!