Bone flap replacement

Hi. Do anyone know anything about bone flap replacement? The hospital somehow lost my bone flap & now have to make me a replacement which I’m not excited about. I want my own back.

Hi Toi,

I think Arleen Jaracz has a bone flap replacement. Please look her up on this site.

Good luck to you.


Carole is right Toi...and the other person is Kimberely Unique...

Hi Toi,

I have bone flap replacement. It's the same stuff they use to make legs & arms out of. What I have is a hard plastic bone flap on half of my forehead from the eye brow bone up to just past the hair line. It's stonger then your normal skull bone so they tell me. They can also have exacty what they took out of your head especially made. (costs more)

I recieved mine in August 2011. You really can't see a difference but it can be felt (as far as I am concerned).

The hospital loosing yours makes no sence to me! My question would be how did that happen?

Are they saying how long it will be before you get the replacement?

Why did you have it removed in the fist place?

Hang in there it will work out alright!!!



So glad of your responses here... we've all had such varied treatment...

Prayers for your best care and service...and responses here...

Pat s

Hi Pat!

One thing I have learded is that two people can have an annie in the exact same place, corrected exactly the same way but have totally different treatment & recovery. If we take a little information from so many different people we might come close to something that we are going thru ourselves. Thus the reason that we are so important to each other & for each other.



Thanks. I go for a cat scan Monday to get started with having one made. She said it wouldn’t be plastic but something like my original bone. They still don’t know how it got lost the freezer area under construction where it was at. They don’t know if it’s lost or misplaced. I’ll be glad to get it over with. Thanks much for replying!

U are so right. I’ve found out about so many ppl with the same situation & totally different outcomes.

Thanks & same to all!

I was supposed to get one made too just like my own that was removed but a month before surgery I found out it was going to be this plastic. I didn't get the other one because of my age :( apparently I am too old.

I had it removed after a brain aneurysm to allow complete healing of my brain before replacing it. Then I had an delay waiting on my insurance. But they say a week from this coming wednesday I can be in & out of surgery to have it put back. So I’m just praying all goes well with it. I need a perm so bad. 6 months was far too long for this head of mines lol!

All I can say is that on 6/8/11 I got my own skull back & my body sees it as foreign and is rejecting it I wish that they had lost mine & I had gotten the replacement then as I live in pain now because my body is eating my skull & I no longer have insurance. the replacement costs 10,000.00and that is the only thing that will help me I am grateful to be alive and am trying to find a bone flap foundation or a government agency that will help me get the replacement but have had no luck so far. hope the replacement works out well for you.

Hi Heather,

I'm so sorry to read about this very unusual experience and the misery that it has caused you. May I ask whether your flap was replaced immediately or if there was an interval of time between the removal and the replacement?

I pray that you will find relief soon.


I'm not 100% because I had 2 traumatic brain injurys so I don't remember everything but I think it was in the freezer for a month but my accident which caused all of it was march 28,2011 & they put my flap back on june 8,2011 so not sure when they took it off but would imagine it was close to when I had the accident

thank u for your prayers

Toi, I so regret hearing this...sister of a work associate had the same problem...they were told that it was frozen; and, there was a power failure...blah-de-blah...and, thus, the bone was lost...

Will be interesting to hear how yours was matter the source, whatever the loss, it is a power failure... of the patients...

Hope your family will get into contact w/ we all have here...

Involved in a reunion, I learned the niece of one had an aneuerysm (lives across state from me); there were some others....more recently learned from another school mate, a friend of his had a rupture and good care...

Another classmate introduced me to a friend of his who had a BA rupture...treatment in another state.

Because he knew of mine, he called to get info (website resources, etc) for her family...We can get info out, shared, related...

Toi, I so regret knowig that more than one (somewhere across the country) can suffer these losses... as it opens the door on all else that may/can get lost...during treatment and after...

Prayers for your best results and that you will keep us posted..



Kimberley...I just noted to Toi...the sis of a work associate...was told hers was in the freezer, and a power failure caused its loss...soooo imagine a major facility not having a back-up power system?

Kimberley...nice to see you...

Kimberley, you are so right...we have so much to share...

A picture is worth a thousand words...yet, one picture will not tell the full story...

We are so important to each other...

Hugs, Pat

P.S....only two months for me to respond!!!


When all this began for you, was any potential inability for you to re-absorb your own bone addressed, explained, discussed with you?

I am heart broken about the $10K and your not having insurance...What has the social services, finance and MD/Team discussed with you on this?

Is the $10K the full rate or the apx 1/3rd of the full rate paid by the insurance companies?

Hugs and prayers for you to achieve what is needed...


Hi there! They didn’t give much explaination at all to how it was lost besides the freezer area were it was suppose to be is under construction & it could just be misplaced. However it didn’t pop up so I had a replacement put in 6/13/12 and my aneurysm was on 10/31/11 which ruptured. I feel ok since the replacement besides light headedness & headaches when I sit up or stand. Laying down is the best position for me. Hopefully these feeling past soon. I also get tired quick. Other than that I’m fine. Hope that I don’t have to go through nothing else for or similar to this. Prayers & best wishes for everyone else! Love, Toi