Blood thinners and aneurysm

Is anyone currently on blood thinners while having a nonruptured aneurysm? If so, what is a decent INR level?

I’m on clopidogrel but was put on this after my CVA in March, if I never had the CVA I would not be on anything apart from my bp meds

I was put on 81 mg baby aspirin once daily. Had ruptured and 2 unruptured aneurysms 12 years ago.

INR levels are a clotting time measurement. They check them to estimate the correct theraputic amount of blood thinner. I am 14 weeks post PED surgery. I was taken off Plavix due to severe briising. Still on 325 mg aspirin. Hopefully down to 81 mg aspirin in January. Will be on that forever.

Am on 75mg Plavix for a month and 160 mg aspirin for six months following one coiling and one stenting and coiling

PS: for unruptured aneurysms

Im on plavix and aspirin but only because I had a stent assisted coiling for unruptured aneurysm and it's to stop clots forming in the stent. I should be off plavix in December

My Doctor took me off all things that thin the blood.....although I am dealing with high blood pressure and on a lot of meds for that...

I was on thinners for a while after my ruptured aneurysm was successfully clipped but ONLY because I’d developed a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in lung) after surgery. I’m not a medical professional but I would advise you to get a second opinion on taking thinners and here’s why: IF your aneurysm ruptured and bleeds and you are taking thinners (aka “anticoagulants”) that sloooooow down clotting, your bleed would be much worse and more damaging. I would really check with a second neuro that you need to take it. My INR was supposed to be 2.2 but I think it depends on the person. My best to you :slight_smile:

Your doctor will decide what INR he wants you to be at …

I’ve been on and off plavix since my pipeline in oct of 2012 due to vision issues

I have been on plavix and 325 mg aspirin since I had my aneurysm in 2013. I bruise terrible myself and I hate it. I bump into something I bruise. I was told be careful because of hematomas. I was also told I will probably be put on just a baby aspirin regimen. Hasnt happened yet. Theyre trying to keep you from clotting sounds like to me.

I have been on Warfarin for several years and will be for life, due to a clotting disorder. This was the biggest factor in deciding to treat my aneurysm and in choosing the treatment method. If I hadn’t treated it and it ruptured, my chances of severe damage or death were higher due to less coagulating. I chose coiling. However, the method to coil my wide neck annie was the source of lots of stress. If I’d done stent and coils or Pipeline, I would have needed triple coagulation - Warfarin, Plavix, and Aspirin. That concerned me and the doctors. Finally, I found an amazing person to do balloon-assisted coiling which simply required bridging my Warfarin with Lovenox. No Plavix, no aspirin. Worked out great!

I take 325mg of aspirin daily. I was taking only 81mg prior to my bleed. I was taking it for Fibromuscular dysplasia. After the bleed both heart dr & neurosurgeon said I needed to bump it up.

I'm on clopidogrel as well (75mg), started this after my clip operation for a ruptured aneurysm 15 months ago.

All my Dr. will not let me take even aspirin. THEY that if I had a aneurysm that I would bleed to death

I was on baby aspirin after my 2 coilings, I had a TIA 6 months ago and was put on Plavix 75 mg according to my internist I'll be on it for the rest of my life.... no big deal, just the bruising.

I think we’re all agreeing that being on thinners with an un ruptured aneurysm that could rupture unexpectedly is NOT ideal. Make sure this is the right thing for you by getting a second (and maybe even third) opinion. Good luck.

I am on simvastatin think that’s how you spell it.

Baby asprin here. I have a coil but baby asprin due to dangerously high coagulatiin levels. I should post a question on this as well; does a coil shoot up your numbers on coag when you might not even have a high risk coagulation?