Blood Thinner?

My neurosurgeon has mentioned a couple times to avoid fish oil supplements because they can thin the blood. He said avoid blood thinners. Now I just read something that said dark green leafy things can also thin the I was curious if anyone has been told something similar. Now I'll have to call and ask about the dark green leafy things...just when I started to like raw spinach.

Hi Harlylena...I have heard about fish oil supplements thinning the blood...also, many of our medications can do the same thing ... I haven't heard about the dark green leafy things...if you find out from your Doctors, let us know...poor Popeye must have had some thin blood...~ Colleen

Elena, I am very interested in hearing about green leafy vegetables. I know when I have gone in for different tests they have had me stop aspirin and fish oil 48 hours in advance so that my blood isn't too thin. But, I, like you have really been enjoying raw spinach. Please keep us informed on what you find out. :)

~ Carol

Thanks for the comments! Ok, here's what I found out. According to my Neurosurgeon's nurse they don't want me taking the fish oil supplements because they can thin the blood but the dark leafy green veggies are ok for me to consume. They're more of an issue if I was already on a blood thinner, such as coumadin, as they can possibly interfere with the thinner's effectiveness. So basically, just like the aneurysms, it's different for everyone and you should check with the individual doctors. It's just sometimes you don't really realize all the things there are to ask!

And Edwardo...I like your 'hot fudge sunday group'. Yum.

Thank you for the clarification of that - definitely good to know. :)

Thanks for the explanation on this subject...