Blood Thinners

Neuro prescribed blood thinners (Effient), I hate all the black marks. I look like I was run over by a bus. lol

I also bleed a lot after a tiny scratch

I've noticed quite a lot of mentions of blood thinners on this board, Christa, and I've wondered how many people take them.

It will be interesting to hear what people have to say.

Have you tried the search function on the site? It's at the very top right. Maybe it will come up with some interesting discussions.

Hi, I'm new here. I want to ask if anyone has ever heard of something called Neprinol, and if they've tried it, then what do they think of it?

I have had a strong interest in this, too...because...I was not put on any blood thinner other than a basic aspirin post-discharge...Just the bruising from that was horrible...and, reduced to the 81mg (?)

On another (the last) f/u angio and a stent purportedly in my left hemisphere...The Plavix was injected during the procedure... (I/family were not advised)... I was put on an 8 week prescription of Plavix... which was stopped early...besides bruising, the migraine aura began...and, initially I thought I was coming down with a flu...

When it was stopped...the neuro-doc told me to stay on full aspirin...the bruising continued...dropped down to the small 81 again...and, I finally stopped that...I did advise/agree w/my PCP...mid-2008...and still off it...

I had concern for too much bleeding of any type of injury and/or MVA...because we really do not know what can/may occur if our heads are bumped...even when not displaying outward bleeds...Unless some of us have had this explained before or after a procedure...

I was on Plavix and 325 aspirin for 3 months after my surgery, then I stopped Plavix after my neurosurgeon cleared me with an angiogram on my 3 month checkup. I do have a stent, so I will be on the aspirin for life,

Christa, I was not put on any, but just have coils, no stent. I was also taken off aspirin. What I’ve learned with my parents and their doctors are if you’re bruising bad, contact your doctor immediately. I’d start with the one who put you on it and then your PCP, if that doesn’t help.