Blood donation

Hi ,we are now in 2018 and on the British web site , it states that if you have a Berry aneurysm ring up and they will discuss it but if you have a brain aneurysm then simply no - confusion or what ,
I’ve donated for years and have a 15mm Fusiform Annie that won’t be operated as it’s not life threatening so they say .there is no where I can get further info on WHY you can’t donate.ive not had an op ,blood pressure perfect ,has any of you seen info on this subject ?

Hello Apple, welcome to our community. I don’t know if I am correct on this because i had also ask this with my dad about Blood Donation. by the way my dad’s a military nurse then so i can tell that he’s much in the know…this is what my dad explain this because you have an Annie the blood that comes from your body is just enough for it to circulate.did you get it? and as for you, you said that you had donated for years and its just now that you can’t donate. maybe it’s just the same reason with mine. because if you were to be operated you’ll be needing blood transfusion for your body to function well and the regeneration of red blood cell.
This was just my dad’s explanation just sharing my thought’s to you. I’m not a Doctor by the way honestly speaking.


Thanks fo your reply ,I forgot to mention that i was only diagnosed in November 2017. and donated a week before a was givin the news