Blood clots in legs and pseudo-aneurysm in groin

Hello, I am new here. I just had my surgery on September 30th, nearly 3 weeks ago. I had a 1.4 cm unruptured aneurysm behind my right eye on my carotid artery. I had a stent and coils done through endovascular coiling through my groin. 10 days after my procedure, I was back in the hospital with a “pseudo-aneurysm” in my groin and blood clots in my leg. It has been difficult and I try to remain positive. My doctors have been great, and they said that this can sometimes happen. I am home now, but I still have a lot of pain in my legs, has anyone else experienced this? I realize that I am so lucky that they found the aneurysm in the first place, I almost did not go to the doctor with my “weird terrible 2 minute headache”. On top of it all, the same week of my surgery we were evacuated during the California Glass fire and my work (a resort) burned to the ground. At least I can rest and recover since my job is over. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome Mimi! I’m saddened that Sonoma and Napa counties have been so devastated. I have many memories riding my motorbike from Butte County to your area. And had a lot of training as well. Your attitude on healing is excellent! They will rebuild and you will be able to get a job again. Give themselves and you some time. I’m glad you were able to evacuate. I hope you still have your home.

I did experience tremendous leg pain in Neuro ICU. One nitwit came in on my second week I think it was, said he was my Dr. I told him about the leg pain. He pushed on my bone which surpassed my head pain and said they were fine, I didn’t care for him and he really wasn’t my doctor. My doctor ordered those air contraptions that massage your legs shortly after that escapade and I wanted to bring them home with me. I’m almost 7 years out and still feel pain in both legs,

My neurologist recently sent me for a nerve conduction study and a muscle study for my lower legs. All is fine and the doctor who did the study suggested the pain was actually coming from my bones. The only relief I have found is applying a muscle balm that has menthol and camphor in it. I don’t know what causes the bone pain for me, but if I ever find out, I will try to remember to share it with you. My neurologist did suggest some compression socks which help a great deal.

Please make sure you are getting enough protein to help your brain heal, and stay hydrated!

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I got hematoma a pseudo aneurysm in my leg immediately after surgery. It took about 6 months for the bruise to stop running down my leg and a year for all the tenderness to go away. The pseudo aneurysm went away on its own with-in a week. Prayers for you. It takes time to heal from that but you will recover! :pray:

Hi Mimi
My prayers are with you…life, as we know it, can change in an instant. . Stay safe!

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