3 months post brain Annie coiling and ruptured pseudoaneurysm in groin

I had coiling of a brain aneurysm on May 21,2014. I develops what doctors thought was a haematoma in my groin. However, the next afternoon we discovered it was actually a pseudoaneurysm and it ruptured. I developed a very large haematoma and some very painful damage. I’ve seen a vascular doctor who declared it was bit a vascular issue and there is no more blood flow to the pseudoaneurysm, but it is still there. I am current seeing a pain management specialist who ordered mri’s, mra’s, and an emg test. I’m waiting for the appointment day. I still have such horrible pain everyday in my groin. I have shooting pains down both legs now as well as in my back. I also have a constant dull aching pain in my thigh. It has really taken a damper on my like as a mom. Im on constant nerve pain medication, which hasn’t helped yet, and 10mg oxycodone every 4 hours. I’m wondering if anyone else has gone through anything like this and if your pain is gone or what your outcome is? Please help me?

Oh Gosh Jenny, I am so sorry you have gone through all of this due to the angiogram. I had a hematoma in my groin and it was so painful a few months, but nothing like you have been through...Have Doctors told you if any of this situation will get better with time, etc., ? I am going to share your post with the members at BAF and see if we can find someone going through similar situation...God Bless ~ Colleen

Oh wow Jenny, sorry to hear you have had all these complications!!! I have had 2 angio's following the original coiling in Jan 2013. After the 1st angio at 3 months, I experienced pain in the groin area for almost the entire year up until the next angio last April (2014). Unfortunately I never saw a doctor for it until I went back in April for the annual follow-up. Primarily because I was at home for the holidays in Columbus, OH when the rupture occurred and I live in NJ. When I went in this April for my next follow-up I told my doctor prior to the angio that I had been in pain. I think he told me he would use a different needle. I did not and have not experienced any pain following my last angio.

Hi jenny! I’m glad they figured out what it is and hopefully can get you permanent relief from the pain. In jan, almost 2 yrs post surgery, I developed a huge hematoma in my groin. My primary dr cut into it and

said it was just blood that had clotted. I thought it was strange since it was right under the site in my femoral where I’ve had a bunch of angios. Well, the hematoma came back a few weeks ago. Went back to dr and now they’re sending me for ultrasound to see if it’s a pseudoaneurysm. I also have dull aching pain in that hip and leg. What are they saying about your prognosis? Is it causing more probs for you because it ruptured?

I'm so sorry for your pain, Jenny. I have not had that experience so maybe what comes to mind won't be of any use to you, but I did have forehead discomfort after my surgery that I think was due to scar tissue and stuck nerves. If that scar tissue which often causes adhesions and continuing pain is the source of your pain, maybe you would be interested in trying a"non-medical" remedy. What solved my forehead was an enzyme supplement called Serraflazyme. I originally got mine from a nutritionist I sought help from. Since then I've bought some through Amazon for friends who seemed like they might benefit. The bottle says 1-4 tablets daily. My nutritionist said 3 tablets twice a day on an empty stomach. That's what worked for me. I kind of look on it as something that can't hurt to try and if it helps it is wonderful. I was certainly stunned that it worked, not to mention delighted.

Thank you very much Colleen. They said it would get better with time, but the pains seems to get worse as time goes on. I don’t even understand it!

I might just ask the docs to use a different needle for me in November!!! Maybe I’ll be lucky this time! Lucky for you that they listened and you have been doing well!

I had a third brain aneurysm coiling in January of 2012. The entry site in my groin was excruciatingly painful. I had an ultrasound and the doctor confirmed blood flow. The doctors decided that a nerve had been pinched when the plug was inserted. It took a good 6 weeks for the severe pain to go away. I still have occasional pain at that site, but it is not as bad as the headaches.

If you still think something is wrong, don't stop looking for answers and doctors who will listen. I had to wait almost a month for my triple brain aneurysm to be diagnosed, a giant aneurysm was bleeding into my brain. One doctor told to take some pain pills and call my primary care doctor if I had a headache.

Has anyone mentioned that a nerve might have been pinched when the plug was inserted?

I wish you well. I have kids, too, they are 5 and 10. We also home school because of my daughter's learning disabilities. Some days are really hard to feel like a good mom, but you are a good mom. You love those babies of yours and you are their mom. We are lucky to still be with them, even if we are broken (I say this to myself a thousand times a day while a thank God for my headaches and neuropathy because the alternative is no mom). I will add you to my prayers.


Wow!! Did they say what caused your haematoma? After a whole year? Could you tell something wasn’t right? Lol…they told me they wouldn’t cut my haematoma out because it was also in the compartments of the muscles in my leg. They said my body will re-absorb it. I still have an outline of the bruise that went from about 3 inches above my groin to about 2 inches above my knee. It was in my lady parts and all. …the pseudoaneurysm closed up on it’s own but I’m pretty sure the doctors that were holding the pressure on it with all their weight and the ultrasound that was pushed so hard in it, had something to do with it’s closing. I couldn’t walk or even sit up for so long after it ruptured. I was in yr neurological icu for 6 days and had to lay completely flat. I had to ring the bell to have a nurse help me pee, in a stinkin, bed pan…so degrading! The pain management doctor said the nerves could be stretch out from everything that went on or shifted. That’s why I have to get all these tests done.

Wow Julie so sorry to hear about your issues. No one has mentioned a piched nerve, but if there is one I’m certain it will show up on the mri’s I’m getting done. Yes everyday I have to tell myself I’m lucky to still be able to be a mom. It’s hard. Very hard, and has caused lots of tears, but somehow I manage.

I had horrible tailbone, lower back, and leg pain. I went to physical therapy. Still on hydrocodine and muscle relaxers. Boy did it HURT in three weeks in ICU. They never told mevl why it hurt. I imagine it was the tube in thr groin.

Sorry for misspellings. Small window

Jenny, if you ever need to talk or share, I would love to hear from you. It gets pretty lonely living in a world of pain. We feel like the Family of Perpetual Need at church.

It would be nice to have another mom to visit with.

I hope the doctors find an answer very soon. I hope we can talk again soon.


Julie that would mean so much to me! I often feel like no one understand what I have been through and what I have to deal with in a daily basis. I feel alone. Very alone. It’s causing more and more anixiety than I anticipated. It would be so great to talk to someone who understands what it’s like to live in pain everyday and to be a full time parent. I’m not sure how to invite friends on here so I can send you my personal email address. Where are you located?

Vicki, misspelling are okay I still knew what you meant! Lol. Why were you in the icu for 3 weeks? I’m sorry to hear that and I happened you’re doing better!?..

I live in Baltimore. I am not sure about inviting friends either. If I can not figure it out right away, I will just give you my email here.

I am so sorry you are going through this. I had a basilar artery aneurysm coiled and stented last July and the horror worst possibility happened when the femoral arteries did NOT close - by the time I went in for repair I had lost 7 liters of blood, my entire blood volume was replaced and 4 transfusions.

The 6-8 week recovery wasn't long enough - went 10 weeks and did have a lot of pain/burning when sitting extended time - started at 20 minutes then have been able to increase. I still get the burning/pain in the left thigh and groin and just don't do what causes pain. I was severely bruised after both the angio on 7/8 and surgery for the coiling/stent on 7/27/13

Don't know if that helps, but you are in the right place for support. And don't hesitate to talk with your doctors, although I question the pain management people - hard drugs and procedures that can be painful in themselves for what they have you scheduled. I am not a doctor, so trust yours, or find one that you do. Good luck and it does get better.

I would not recommend staying on oxy - my vascular surgeon put me on nerve medication but I will say it does improve with time. It is better now than a year ago.


I had a brain aneurysm last Feb., 2013 and had a coiling also in my brain. Sometimes even now I get "blurry vision" but don't know if that's from the brain aneurysm or just getting older!! I hope you feel better. What had the doctor recommended? Patty Corn

Fortunately, for me, I haven't had any problem from the two angios and the angio during the surgery. It really sounds awful. I'm curious if they closed your femoral with stitches or just used pressure. I did have awful back problems after the surgery, but that was probably from moving me those first 2 days. If you are taking neurontin (or generic gabapentin), I had to go to 500mg per day before I got any relief from the nerve pain. I was only on that for 6-9 months initially, then went back on it for a few months. I still take oxy 5 mg 1-2 times per day as needed for the pain I still have.

I hope you get answers soon and the pain starts easing.